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  • NotFormer

    Just a bit of idle speculation.

    On another thread, a publisher was reported to the elders for smoking 🚬, when all they were actually doing was holding a drinking straw in McDonald's.

    Is it plausible to be questioned by elders about wearing something that looks a bit too much like a costume on the 31st of October? 🧛🧜

    For that matter, wearing red and green on the 25th of December? 🧟🧑‍🎄

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    It was a celery straw.

    I wore a Holly tie to meeting, had a red white n blue porch mat (heard about it too?, wear green on st paddysday.

  • LeeMerk

    I imagine it is plausible to be questioned by the elders for just about anything.

  • NotFormer

    road to nowhere: were you actually questioned about those things? 😱 Those are pretty much the sort of thing the question is about!

    "I imagine it is plausible to be questioned by the elders for just about anything"

    From what I've read hear, I would believe that nothing would be off the table if they were determined to make a case about something.

    And it's pretty far fetched as asked. But a hospital worker wearing scrubs on their way to work on that particular day...?

  • jonahstourguide

    I, from experience agree with LeeMerk.

    In my case I was questioned by a duo of elders over some idle

    gossip spouted by an individual in a mental health facility.

    They had been trying to 'get' me for some time. You know,

    "any port in a storm"


  • NotFormer

    jonahstourguide, sounds like walking on eggshells. 😱 Almost anything could be a smoking gun.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Not former

    The tie was never noticed, I wore it a lot without realizing the design

    The porch mat wasn't a flag, just a picture of 3 rocking chairs. A few commented (not elders). Instead of political neutral they are anti American. They also make special trips to a postoffice to avoid the flag stamps sold at groceries. I asked for their folding money as it has a flag. LOL

  • NotFormer

    "I asked for their folding money as it has a flag."

    That's an interesting point: how do they feel about masonic symbols on their money? Or politically un-neutral figures like presidents and Benjamin Franklin? I bet they're relieved that society is gradually going cashless. 🙄

  • Balaamsass2

    Toss a coin. Moon phase.

    Any random crazy "report" could turn into a congregation gossip event and turn into an investigation by Keystone cop elders. It all depends on the hall, elders, and popularity of the "sinner".


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