GOD /Jehovah didnt just punish humans with death , He lied , He has also tortured us with Pestilence .

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  • smiddy

    My wife was talking to her sister today and apparently our adult niece who has cancer is not doing to well lately and it doesnt look good for the future.

    I cant say we ever had a very close relationship with her but when we did see her she was very affecionate and just a very loving girl with a great personality .

    She was never a JW and we lived in different states but from time to time we crossed paths with each other at family reunions etc and sometimes funerals and weddings.

    When it hits close to home thats when you feel it.

    No doubt many of you have gone through similar experiences yourselves , this same sister my wife talked to lost her 14 year old son to cancer many years ago and I being a new convert tried to comfort her with scriptures .

    Dickhead that I was then .

  • punkofnice

    I think the point is that you tried your best. Don't beat yourself up. You were trying to be a good person.

    We were all richardheads in the 'truth(TM)', but we didn't do it on purpose.

  • SAHS

    I’m so sorry to hear about your “adult niece” who has cancer. It has always absolutely sickened me whenever I would hear about anybody who has developed cancer. However, please be assured that the treatments for cancer have quite dramatically developed in their effectiveness within the last ten, or even five years. Everyone is most definitely on the winning side of the game right now – thanks to the ever-developing science.

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