Warwick Safety Orientation

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    Welcome to Warwick Safety Orientation! Each Warwick volunteer is required to view the entire three-hour program and complete the five short quizzes one week before arriving at Warwick. To benefit fully from each of the five sections, we recommend that you set aside time in a quiet location with minimal distractions and give the program your full attention. When viewing the program, you will need a Bible, Working Together Safely—Safety Rules and Standards (S-109), a pen, and paper so that you can look up references and take brief notes. After viewing a section, please complete the short quiz for that section before proceeding to the next section. Please do not skip any portions of the safety orientation or quizzes.
    If you have volunteered within the past year at any of the U.S. Bethel facilities (Brooklyn, Patterson, Wallkill, or Warwick), viewing the Warwick Safety Orientation in preparation for your upcoming assignment is optional. As a reminder, this orientation is for volunteers invited to the Warwick Project only. Thank you for giving attention to this important aspect of theocratic service.

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    25:48 "Now, it is interesting the world has certain safety standards, but their motivation is not love. It's litigation. They want to protect themselves."

    26:40 "As important our buildings are to the advancement of kingdom interests, People...People are more important to Jehovah"

  • AudeSapere

    And yet... when WT representatives were called by the Royal Commission, each and every one of the (active) men neglected to follow the Commission's request to review the documents provided, review their own historical notes and follow some of the other testimony.


    But they expect explicit compliance to the directives they put out themselves.

  • Atlantis


    Thank you very much!


  • Watchtower-Free
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Thank you.


  • DwainBowman

    My brother in law,, is a blind full in elder. His take on all the safety stuff is that the Borg cares so deeply for everyone! But I have known for years that it's all about money! You can find videos from jw building projects all ôver the world, where safety dose not appear to be of concern at all. Little kids walking up planks with bricks stacked on their heads, or carrying pails of concrete, across planks crossing between buildings.

    It's scary watching the dangerous stuff, women and very young children are ask to do, with no safety gear of any kind!

    It just shows how full of crap the Borg, really is!


  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I've been involved in multiple safety courses and safety teams in both retail settings and medical facilities. I worked on quick builds and on a Watchtower citrus farm in the 90's. I didn't see an urgency in following safety protocols if there were any. I saw young children using power tools or climbing 15 foot ladders to pick citrus. At Walmart if you're under 18 you can't even operate an electric powered cart pusher. In the medical facility every day we had a safety topic on proper lifting, patient safety, and infection control.

    I would see many brothers and sisters twisting and lifting with their backs at WT projects. When I would go pick citrus in Leigh Acres, FL (I think they sold that place) there was no safety training, no safety gear provided, and no warning about the snakes in the field. Only one I saw with helmets were the ones doing packing.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thx Wifi! Right on AudeSapere!

    One standard for themselves, another for the masses!.... before the internet, it was hard to know!

    Thanks again!

    Cha Ching!

  • OneFingerSalute

    The last time I had the "privilege" of slaving for free on a RBC project quite a few years ago the two top dogs of the RBC committee preached "safety" to everyone except themselves. The second in command used none of the ordered safety gear, and the top dog carried his hardhat under his arm, if he had it at all. Finally one day after morning prayer, asking Big J for HS and safety, I took my hardhat off and threw it in the corner and said, "If the guys in charge don't have to wear safety gear, neither do I."

    Got chastised for my bad attitude and setting a bad example and asked to not come back.

  • tresdecu


    25:48 "Now, it is interesting the world has certain safety standards, but their motivation is not love. It's litigation. They want to protect themselves."

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