Covid Vaccine - Which One

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  • SadElder

    I had just about decided to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the issue of the guillain barre syndrome came up. I realize it's a distant possibility but it gave me pause to reconsider. I'm not fully onboard with the mRNA method yet.

    If you received the vaccine ..... which one, and can you share why that one?

  • pistolpete

    I had just about decided to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the issue of the guillain barre syndrome came up. I realize it's a distant possibility but it gave me pause to reconsider

    You know it's a tough decision. I have family who are over 60 years of age. They asked for my opinion. I told them I couldn't give them MY Opinion because I'm 30 and healthy.

    If they don't take the vaccine and get covid and die, because of their age, because let's face it, the older you are the weaker your immune system gets, I would feel terrible if I convince them to NOT take it.

    On the other hand if I convinced them to take it and they die of blood clots or something else because of the vaccine, I would feel terrible for telling them to take it.

    It's really an individual choice and a gamble. People have died for taking the vaccine. And people have died for NOT TAKING THE VACCINE.

    There is no doubt that somebody was targeting the elderly and weak of Society.

    But I say this, if you are young and healthy-----don't take the vaccine, your immune system can handle it easily.

    If I was old, and unhealthy I would take the ONE SHOT only. Not the mRNA two shots. And take my chances. I saw a lot of elderly dying of Covid and it is a painful way to go.

  • SadElder

    Pistolpete... thanks for your observations. As I see 71 looming on the horizon in a couple months I'm amazed at how my system has changed in the last year.

  • LV101

    If you're apprehensive about taking the vacs why don't you contact a telemedicine doctor and ask their opinion and script for Ivermectin (very safe and effective) to keep on hand in the interim while you make up your mind. I'm not advising you not to take the "vaccine." There were many deaths because doctors were banned from prescribing life-saving meds. They needed the high deaths to push through the experimental vaccines. I think one online source is or

    Per FOX5 Las Vegas on nine people who received a "vaccine" in Arizona reportedly have experienced a rare condition in which the body's immune system attacks the nerves. This might be the syndrome you're referring to.

  • pistolpete

    Here is some information regarding the J&J Vaccine which seems to be affecting mostly women, and being vaccinated and still getting Covid. You can take it with a grain of salt.

    • 4,115 people have been hospitalized or died with Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated.
    • The total number of individuals who died after contracting Covid-19 despite vaccination is 750.
    • 76% of hospitalizations and deaths from breakthrough cases occurred in people over the age of 65.

    The exact cause of Guillain-Barre syndrome is unknown. But two-thirds of patients report symptoms of an infection in the six weeks preceding. These include respiratory or a gastrointestinal infection or Zika virus.

    There's no known cure for Guillain-Barre syndrome, but several treatments can ease symptoms and reduce the duration of the illness. Although most people recover from Guillain-Barre syndrome, the mortality rate is 4% to 7%. Between 60-80% of people are able to walk at six months. Patients may experience lingering effects from it, such as weakness, numbness or fatigue.

  • Jazzbo

    I got the Pfizer vaccine because it seems like the most effective and indications are that resistance to the virus are quite lasting. The MRNA horror stories are nonsense for the gullible in my opinion.

  • BelisemDeBelimakom

    Next week data:

  • just fine
    just fine
    I got the Moderna vaccine because I live in a rural area and didn’t have access to the Pfizer vaccine due to the storage requirements. I haven’t had any issues except for the 48 hours after the second shot.
    I travel a lot for work and decided to get the vaccine. I am middle aged. I don’t have an opinion either way on what other people should do.
  • Me.Wonderful

    I got double Pfizer about 10 weeks apart. At first I did it to piss off the right wing wackos and religious nutjobs , then it turns out that 99 % of covid deaths and 95% of covid hospitalizations are in the unvaxxed group, it became kind of a bonus for me.

    Its makes me mad the borg choose this time to take a sane and rational position on something. I was kind of hoping they would go complete nutters. I would love to see the magical eight in an ICU ward.

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