Social Trends - Male underwear as hot fashion

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  • fulltimestudent

    During Australia's lockdowns and other reactions to the batty virus. I've been spending more time studying my history interests via the internet and its many possibilities. One area is quite interesting. Youtube, not only has tons of rubbish, but also many academic level video lectures and other quite good historical information.

    Amid all that 'good' stuff and the 'rubbish', there's a thin middle layer, and I'd class social trends as one of the areas of that 'thin' layer.

    Recently, I became aware of a number of very short videos, by makers of male underwear, They all seem to have one thing in common well-built young men (No old daggy duffers like me- and I assume most other male xjws posting here) in a myriad of poses exhibiting underwear designed in a previously unimaginable differences, but all seemingly designed to enhance an essential part of manliness, as they contort their bodies into different poses, all designed to draw attention to their maleness.

    I realise that once you look at one or two of these short videos, YT's programming likely starts pushing them at you, but it seems that are many more makers of fashion male underwear than there were when I was young. In the Australia in which I grew up there was (in memory) only one brand (Bonds) only on colour (white) but offering a choice of style (2) -briefs or trunks,

    Now, well judge for yourself ...

  • pistolpete

    they all seem to have one thing in common well-built young men

    Nah! He's to skinny. He looks like he has 18 inch thighs, 12.5 calves, 13 inch biceps and a 38-39 inch chest. Probably weighs about 165lbs.

    I'm still young, been weightlifting for about 10 years, and my girl tells me I look sexy in cheap Walmart underwear. My thighs are 24.5 inches, Calves 16 inches, biceps 18 inches, 33 inch waist, and weigh approx 250lbs.I earned every inch of muscle with hard work and persistence.

    These guy are skinny wannabes!💪

  • mynameislame

    Gone are the days when a guy could just use an old pair of socks to impress the ladies.

  • Bobcat

    In my completely unbiased opinion, these are the ultimate in male fashion. (We return you now to our regularly scheduled programming.)

  • waton

    temple underwear? tempting underwear? from the Mormon thread,

  • DesirousOfChange

    Are straight guys really all that concerned about underwear fashions these days? Or is this just something trending in the gay community.

    As an old fart, I can assure you that 40+/- years ago any guys trotting around the locker room in fluorescent jockey shorts designed to accentuate their “manhood” would have been presumed to be gay (or some synonymous term not so politically correct).

  • Vidiot

    My wife likes the way I look in boxer-briefs.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • fulltimestudent

    DesirousOfChange: "Are straight guys really all that concerned about underwear fashions these days? Or is this just something trending in the gay community"

    Well. DOC. if you want change, then these videos seem to be evidence of change. I have little doubt that they attract Same Sex Attracted Guys, but some of the videos seem to marketing exercises (by the manufacturers) aimed at so called 'str8' guys and their women folk.

    It may be evidence of cultural changes in attitudes toward sexuality. Perhaps the attitudes that can be perceived in some Asian areas is filtering through into western nations.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Younger men do seem to be getting more accepting of fancy underwear.

    My brother in law (totally straight) became aware of a certain brand of "ball hammock" underwear that has a special pouch for support and that come in crazy designs.

    So, my son and husband were both gifted a 3 Month Underwear of the Month Club Voucher for Christmas.

    Boxer briefs of all sorts began arriving in discreet packages in the mail shortly thereafter.

    My husband didn't care for the "hug" and sent them on to my son who wears them.

    But, in general, he's just looking for something clean.

    Check out Shinesty on the web. You too may want to join the club!😁

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