Who's Worse, Watchtower or the Mafia?

by APieceOfShitNamedTate 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate


    "And along with making us seem legit comes cash...tons of it. I mean, what do you think we're doing planning all of these conventions? It's all this money. This is the end result of all the control, the fear, the obligation, the guilt, and all the indoctrination and all the propaganda. It's all been arranged just for us to get your money. That's the truth about Watchtower. We're the only winners. The rank and file don't stand a chance."

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    At least people believe the Mafia are criminals.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    maybe its the mafia that control the watchtower..who knows.

  • Tameria2001

    The Watchtower is worse, at least the Mafia pays their people.

  • Gorbatchov

    The maffia is organized.


  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    The mafia leaves the kids alone. The Watchtower targets the "born ins".

  • SAHS

    Well, at least the Mafia isn’t a totalitarian institution, like the JWs!

    The Mafia doesn’t care if you whack off in your own bed at night, eat birthday cake at school, throw rice or confetti at weddings, say “Good luck” or “gesundheit,” allow a blood transfusion for your sick baby, etc., etc., etc.

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