Chinese government surveillance system....

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  • mikeflood

    Chinese goverment is using facial recognition & AI through security cameras (millions!) to capture suspects...maybe I amgetting old, but I never thought about Big Brother becoming a reality.

  • Jayk

    They also are working on a new social media rating system. In a nutshell this is what trump is fighting against.. it might be what we need to stop the radical craziness...the world is a pretty bad place right now..

  • hothabanero

    I could totally see silicon valley push a social credit system where you get a rating for "unspeech" which is shared on the major platforms (twitter, facebook, youtube, etc) which will affect you free speech on the net in various way (comments, shares, etc.) and perhaps sold to future employers. Platforms that fail to recognize it could then be punished through absence, similar to how videos with conservative views are de-monitized on youtube right now.

    We have already seen the mass shaming campaigns of so-called "nazis" and nobody batted an eye...

  • berrygerry
    I could totally see silicon valley push a social credit system

  • scratchme1010

    I went to a conference in Las Vegas (DevLearn, from the Elearning Guild), and I saw quite a few interesting artificial intelligence advances. One was the Google toilet. The Google toilet can detect and monitor drug use, pregnancy, alcohol, infections, blood sugar and stress hormones.

    They also had this interesting thing called "VGG-Face deep learning algorithm", that apparently can identify people's sexual orientation through facial recognition technology.

    There was also something that they did in Japan with a pop music group of 48 young girls. 3 months after that group started, they added a 49th girl, named "Eiguchi Aimi". She stood out from the group, went on interviews, was featured in magazines, and gave a solo concert. Guess what, she doesn't exist. She was computer generated. She was generated out of the best features of the other 48 girls.

    Technology is doing great things. How we use it, that's another story. I can picture public restrooms having you sign some kind of agreement that by using the toilet you allow Google to get your medical information through your poop.

  • fulltimestudent

    From the HongKong based South China Morning Post:

    (The author is Zigor Aldama, a Spanish Journalist reporting on Chinese Affairs (mainly, I understand for Spanish Newspapers.)

    China’s big brother: how artificial intelligence is catching criminals and advancing health care.
    Zhu Long, co-founder of pioneering Yitu Technologies, whose facial-recognition algorithms have logged 1.8 billion faces and caught criminals across China, says AI will change the world more than the industrial revolution
    “Our machines can very easily recognise you among at least 2 billion people in a matter of seconds,” says chief executive and Yitu co-founder Zhu Long, “which would have been unbelievable just three years ago.”

    Does it do what is claimed?

    Whole cities in which the algorithms are working say they have seen a decrease in crime. According to Yitu, which says it gets its figures directly from the local authorities, since the system has been implemented, pickpocketing on Xiamen’s city buses has fallen by 30 per cent; 500 criminal cases have been resolved by AI in Suzhou since June 2015; and police arrested nine suspects identified by algorithms during the 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou. Dragonfly Eye has even identified the skull of a victim five years after his murder, in Zhejiang province.


    You can be sure that while China may be first with this technique, others will soon pick up on the technique. Australia already has street cameras in city locations. It's a small step to using the above programs.

    Is it good or bad? If you've been robbed or bashed by criminals, you'll likely thinks its good. If your a crim, you wont like it, because sooner or later your face will be caught on the system, and it will be difficult to escape.

    Will the Chinese use it against political dissent? I'd believe that will be likely with the qualification that it will be dependent on how you define 'political dissent.' If you were a Muslim terrorist planning a 'criminal incident' somewhere in China, would that be 'bad?' Security services in Australia already use a variety of electronic devices to disrupt such incidents in Australia, with good success. What about some of the reportedly 100,000 plus** .public protest incidents against local authorities in rural China. Since these seldom result in jail terms (unless physical violence has been involved) I doubt that these new devices will change that situation.

    ** Mao started the Cultural Revolution because he believed that local administrators 'oppressed' peasants. And, he wanted them to speak out against such actions. Did it succeed? I would judge, Yes! in some places and No! in other places. But overall it caused a lot of change in China.

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