Mid-Week Circuis Serpent's "Talk"

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  • FedUpJW

    So I suffered through another one of these idiotic "encouraging" talks by Tony Vives.

    He prattled on about LOYALTY, and pretty well concentrated on three areas. Loyalty to ones marriage mate, which is no problem. If one is married they really do owe loyalty to their husband or wife.

    Second, he hammered on "loyalty" by having nothing to do with a DF'd family member, even a child! Truly cringe worth listening how he remarked that only by completely shunning a DF'd person could we be "loyal" to Gawd.

    Third, he yapped about how loyalty meant that men should be "reaching out", and pretty well implied that if a man did not reach out or was not serving as an appointed man in the congregation it was showing they were not loyal to Gawd. He flapped his gums about how there are too many "grey-haired" menstrual serpents, and not nearly enough elders.

    Just thought I wold share that as "A joy shared is doubled, and a trouble shred is halved." Thanks for halving the trouble folks!

  • Tallon

    You have my deepest sympathies FedUpJw, for having to endure through that tortuous 'monologue'.

    I agree with loyalty to one's spouse however, I call BS on the rest!

    They really do live in a 'fantasy world'.

  • lastmanstanding

    Haha... your post about the circus savant demonstrates that I am not alone... while being grey.

  • ToesUp

    Sorry ya had to sit through that. Ugh!

    "He flapped his gums about how there are too many "grey-haired" menstrual serpents, and not nearly enough elders."

    So what should that tell us? NO ONE wants to be an Elder. The legal ramifications of being an Elder are tremendous and I think the younger Brothers know this. They also know if the Elders are sued, Watchtower will be no where to be seen. The cash and "love" only flow one way.

  • waton
    FUJ: --"He prattled on about LOYAL --- to ones marriage mate.

    he failed to mention the many cases where untoward conduct by imaginary alpha males and females in the congregations can test this owed loyalty unnecessarily. Case in point: David, who had Bathsheba picked up by a posse of his men, because he was tired of his other wives perhaps, and it is not recorded that she screamed or tried to fight to her death.

    Loyalty to mates challenged by those that are disloyal to their baptism vows. See the resulting. wt disfellowshipping statistics.

  • freddo

    In my hall there are 8 ex-elders who semi regularly or regularly attend. Here is my assessment. Should be fun when the CO moans about not "reaching out."

    3 have no apparent interest in being elders or reaching out again.

    1 is DF.

    3 are keen but seem to be bi-polar or marriage difficulties or have a recurring drink/porn problem. I suppose one of them might make MS in the next couple of years but it seems unlikely.

    1 is an MS but I cannot see him making elder because he is a bit too obviously crazy!

    There are also a couple of ex-MS's. One I know is not interested in "reaching out" and the other, while seeming to be a true believer is negative enough not to want to reach out.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    circuit serpent------ha ha--i first heard that in a Birmingham--UK congregation----54 years ago !

  • zeb

    my wife is away at one day convention today what awaits on her return?

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @FedUpJW Upvote for "menstrual serpents".

  • DesirousOfChange

    All they really mean is BE LOYAL TO THE BORG (and give more money)!.

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