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    Hi Everyone,

    My wife and I recently launched the website as a curated, news only portal for stories from official news and governmental websites. The idea is to keep it clean and simple with zero commentary so someone can easily access the stories and nothing more. We have a lot of experience with website building and search engine optimization, so it shouldn't take long for this to populate in Google searches.

    When we were still in I steered clear of any "apostate" websites, but I never had any problem reading actual news coverage of anything. We are hoping that this site may connect the dots for someone out there who is also willing to just look at "official" coverage without commentary from ex-jw's. People like Cedars and Barbara Anderson have made such a massive contribution to waking people up, we hope that this can do that for at least one person as well who may be afraid to cross the line into heavy hitting sites like jwfacts.

    That being said, please send us any news links you guys might have archived over the last few years so we can add them into the archive to [email protected] if you aren't comfortable emailing them, please feel free to post them into this thread and we will add them in.

    Here's some things we are looking for:

    • Stories from well known or respected sources
    • We don't want stories that are from individual blogs or from anywhere that someone can pick apart. We want every link to have an impact.
    • If you guys see anything in the links that you think would work against the cause of waking someone up because of something in the story, please let us know

  • Crazyguy

    I think if you can you should make a mirror site something like . Jws see the word abuse and they'll probably not go on the site.


    I thought about that Crazyguy, but the main reason for that domain is to draw traffic from Google searches, it's one of several elements needed to draw people looking into the subject to be able to find the articles in a search. The average in Witness probably wouldn't click on it, but someone who has heard whispers of abuse and legal issues might.

  • steve2

    So if I'm hearing you correctly you wouldn't have accessed an apostate site when you were in, so you have developed a site that features only quality news articles on JWs and you call it JWabuse?

    You clearly don't want JWs to access your site. Your OP is a bit muddled in its reasoning.


    I would have looked through the site regardless of the domain name steve2, my main concern, and I have gotten confirmation from 2 mentally in, physically out elders who agree is that the mindset of many at this stage who are in and hearing mention of some of this stuff, is that they want to look at the news articles to make up their own minds. There are a lot of awake JWs in my area, many of whom are serving who just want answers and a way to access the links so they can share them. The site is more about archiving these links than anything else. If someone finds something particularly compelling, they can email a direct link to the story etc.

  • steve2

    The site name is certainly compelling - but not to an active JW who may have doubts. I'm surprised you did not go for a more neutral site name, given it contains only media reports.

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