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  • Iamallcool

    Most of us know that JW despise the Catholic Church the most among many religions for many years. My question is Do Catholic Church despise JW as much as the witnesses despise the Catholic Faith?

  • nonjwspouse

    Not in my experience. The Catholic Church accepts them as misguided, and does not recognize the baptism to the Borg, but recognizes just about all other churches baptisms. My priest praised them for getting out and speaking up about their faith, even though they were misguided, they were trying. He was trying to point out how many Catholics are lazy about sharing their faith. ( not forcing their faith, but sharing it).

  • smiddy

    The Roman Catholic Church does not despise the religion of Jehovahs Witnesses in many cases they do/did give credit to the evangelical zeal of the JW`s in promoting their faith and also acknowledging how effective the JW`s have been in making inroads among the catholic populations..

    My brother in-law is /was a lay precher in the RC religion and he has written some articles and other publications about JW`s as well as some other religions.

    We used to have lenghty discussions about religion in the first 10 years of my baptism. As NJWS says they have always been respectful of JW beliefs , believing them to be misguided.

    They have never been hateful to the religion or any of its adherants. in my experience.

    And that`s how my brother in-law viewed me and treated me

    He is still a born and bred catholic and I am now an atheist.

  • nonjwspouse

    As an example of the Catholic respecting other beliefs. My son's best friend that went to the same high school , a Catholic High school, is Jewish. There are many different faiths that attend that Catholic High School, yet the Catholic Religion is taught. It is a subject taught. The children attend Mass to listen, but are not required to participate. They do not set out to convert, and rarely do any children ever actually convert. Religion class also teaches about other religions, respectfully.

    The children do learn that Catholics are indeed Christian, as opposed to those who are taught that Catholics are not. As a child I was not Catholic and had never been to a Catholic Church, ( though I attended all types of different churches with my friends all the time). Even then, I was stunned when someone would insist a Catholic was not Christian. I would argue against it. It was very offensive to me, even then, to hear people claim that. I am still not quite sure how they reason that belief.

  • Da.Furious

    it depends on the country. I lived in a country where the Catholic church has a very heavy presence and they used the government or some officials to stop the preaching activities. Even some priests will direct a whole Sunday service against JWs.


    The catholic church thinks all faiths that are not catholic are missing the total picture .

    Jws, [to the catholic church], like many other forms of christianity are not 100%, they take only portions of the bible or the deposit of faith [as the catholics call it] to have a religion.

    JWs on the other hand feel every other faith is dead.



    Sorry, I'm a thread killer

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Please tell that to the gang of Catholic teenagers three years older than me that use to beat me up all the time because I was a JW. Still Totally ADD


    Sorry to hear that ADD

    One's religious upbringing does not make one a nice person.

    Only the examples that people have growing up help determine such things.

    If you would say that they were pagans and not Christians, they may hold you accountable....

    I doubt that was your play though lol

  • Steel

    I grew up in a normal non denominational evangelical church and about once a year there was a sermon warning about the Jehovah witnesses. Its wasn't hate filled or anything. They basically told us that the WTS is a stupid cult teaching a false gospel that destroys lives and families.

    It is really shocking how hate filled the WTS is when you are raised away from it. For everything other churches say about the WTS , it is literally 100X worse coming back.

    Hell, I would have to say about 25% of what is taught now in the KH is just villainizing ex members or other Christian sects.

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