Gorby says goodbye

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  • Gorbatchov

    My eyes for TTATT opened in 1995 with the generation change and the WT magazine stated "some witness thought that the generation started in 1914".

    Since 1997, with internet at low speed, I followed H2O hourglass, www.xjw.com and later on www.jehovahs-witness.net.

    Did a bachelor and post bachelor since then.

    Now, nearly completed with fading, I feel it's time to go on with my life and do some other things, spending more time with my wife and children instead of thinking about JW topics in my head. Goal is being a better person and less grumpy at 45... 

    Everything what could be said is already said.

    Have a good summer (this week started for real here in Holland). Take care!


  • stuckinamovement

    Best wishes gorby. I am on the same track.


  • Daniel1555

    Hey Gorby

    It's great to spend more time with the family and think less on JW topics.

    I loved your posts and threads from Holland. I myself am half dutch and half swiss, so I love the Netherlands too and am sometimes there too.

    I wish you and your family all the best. Still would be great to read from time to time something from you.


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Take care! I'm happy you have reached this point. Not thinking about the cult at all is even more free than the freedom of thinking about it whatever you want.

    Het allerbeste. Geniet van de zomer, en alles wat daarna komt!



  • Xanthippe
    Gorby thanks for all your thoughtful posts. Yeah don't think too much about the crazies anymore. Until about three years ago when I looked on this forum I hadn't given them much thought for over twenty years, it was the best way for me, a complete fresh start. Have a wonderful life. 🌷🌷🌷🌷
  • jookbeard

    take care buddy, enjoyed you posts and contribution over the years


  • Listener
    Gorby, I'll miss you but your family is more important than anything. All the best and thanks for your past contributions.
  • Bonsai
    Best of luck and wish you all the best!
  • Lostandfound
    You can only be grumpy at 70 so 25 years to go, good luck, clear head, enjoy life and those around you.
  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie
    Yes Gorby as time has gone on since I disassociated my self from the cult I feel the same. Rarely do I think about it now. I feel happier and freer than I did when in that cult. Jesus said that he came to set the captives free, I am of the opinion that all religion is part of Babylon The Great and will be destroyed by God, so better to be out of her as the scriptures warn. All the best to you and your family, life is too short to be held a prisoner by religion or anything else that makes you unhappy.

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