Just reflecting on how oblivious I was to WT

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  • joe134cd

    I’m just sitting by the beach and I was thinking at just how oblivious I was to the religion that I followed. I have mentioned this in past posts and am using this experience as an example not so much to demonstrate what happened but more of my reaction to it:

    There was a KH in my local area that 5 years previous had internal renovations done it. To be fair this work was required on an old and out dated hall. 5 years latter the same hall was completely stripped out and another renovation was done on it. I was opposed to this and voiced my opinion on why would a perfectly good hall that had a refurb done on it 5 years ago need to be stripped out and done again. There was nothing wrong with the hall the way it was. Needless to say it still went ahead at great cost to the locals. Shortly after this Reno it was mentioned that the neighbours were complaining about cars been parked out side their houses. I thought that was odd. Considering the hall had been there for many years, and a person buying a house there would sort of expect that. Why would they start complaining about this only after the Reno’s and not before and why hadn’t somebody made enquires with the neighbours before work proceeded. This all struck me as odd and I was going to be more confused again. It was then decided that because of the car parking problem with the newly updated hall that this wasn’t fit for purpose and the hall had to be sold and a new one built. The hall was in a very affluent and established part of the city. I also thought if the neighbours were complaining about about the parking from the JWs then they were certainly going to be complaining when they found out it was going to be becoming a community center with even more cars. Wt walked away with just under a million dollars from that sale. This is going back a few years so the hall would be worth much more than that. Looking back it just amazes me that despite how much this troubled me , I was just so brain washed and trusting that I failed to price it all together.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Weren't we all like that? Maybe not everyone, but once you have it in mind that they would never do anything underhanded or deceitful, you aren't going to investigate your doubts. You'll just excuse them and think you are wrong in thinking them.

  • oppostate

    It never ceases to amaze me how COs can push WT agenda to maximize profits at the needless expense of impoverished R&F members, knowing full well they are scamming as the saying goes, widows and orphans.

    they tread on the lowly, neglect the needy and fatten up the coffers of the filthy lucre loving hypocrits in the GB!

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    they obviously renovated it again with the intention of getting more money when selling it off later.

    I remember the KH my family went to ( a third world country with no welfare system or pension system in place,every penny you spent was out of your wages alone), the BOE came up with aplan to build out of thie rown contributions by all in the congregation. Yes , that seems ok right. But they calculated the costs of it all and divided it into how much each family has to/must give (not voluntary, not if you can, not if you have any funds, no looking into peoples circumstances at all) a set huge amount per family. Regardless my parents retired people with no pension or income coming in had to fork out the money. he with a few others discussed with the BOE about their circumstances (which as a BOE one already knows).Yet no compassion or consideration at all. Downright tyranny. I was told way later after he had paid out.The money came from him half from selling part of the small house he lived in and the other half he took out a loan.

    Sad state of affairs . As the bible says all things are beneficial but not advantageous. Go Figure

  • steve2

    The organization itself provides the perfect "excuse" why this sort of thing continues: "Imperfect men".

    That excuse covers over mountains of bad behaviour. Individual JWs may mutter about it, but ultimately keep complying with the organization's rules.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wonder how many CO's see the picture--or are the all under the illusion they work for god ?

  • LV101

    Do the CO's really care! I heard via ex-bethelites their family CO and spouse had it made and were showered with gifts and money. They, too, wanted to be promoted to CO.

  • joe134cd

    Zinfagi - my explanation for the 2nd Reno is this and it is also total speculation. Firstly the hall was perfectly fine 5 years latter after the 1st Reno was done. I was surprised that they were carrying out a 2nd one. It was a case of unnecessary work and extravagance. Bearing in mind that all materials loans and costing have to be done through wt perhaps the 2nd Reno was seen as means for generating income. I never officially heard from the platform that the car parking was an issue although I heard from multiple people that this was the case. I think perhaps a neighbour may of made a passing comment, and who ever capitalised on it as an excuse to sell a fully refurbished hall, and build a new one. I just thought it odd ( and at the time I was PIMI) that a perfectly good hall needed a 2nd Reno shortly after the 1st one. Then all of a sudden after the 2nd Reno it was suddenly discovered that the neighbours weren’t happy with cars been parked on the road. Why if the neighbour were complaining about the jw, they would of been in uproar when it was sold to a community center.

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