Disciplinary Action: Protocol

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    This is a letter received by someone working in an office. NOT JDUB RELATED AT ALL

    Just drawing your attention to the last two lines in the letter " you are entitled if you wish, to be accompanied by another work colleague or a trade union representative "

    Even the so called "worldly/wicked ones" know how to show courtesy to people when having any disciplinary meeting. But what about the so called "God-oriented/ H spirt directed organisation" when having a judicial mtg or any disciplinary meeting? SQUAT ! ZILCH!

    Most of the time they do not even let you defend yourself; explain yourself; they do not even listen to what you have got to say; they do not have the courage to answer your questions !!!

    That is such an awful cruel practice n a tyranny!



  • vienne

    In the United States the right to representation at a business based disciplinary hearing are called "Weingarten rights," based on the supreme court decision NLRB v. Weingarten, inc. These rights do not now extend to social or religious membership. It might be good if they did, but it would take another court case that reached the Supreme Court.

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