God will not lay down any commandments

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  • venus

    In scriptures we find God laying down commandments. In Genesis 2:16, 17 God is shown as commanding humans to avoid “a tree of good and bad.”

    This is impossible to happen for the following reasons:

    1) When you are told to avoid doing both “good and bad,” it means you should not do anything at all because whatever you do would naturally fall into the category of either good or bad. Hence God would not make such a command.

    2) Mind is pulled toward and hypnotized by the very thing it is trying to avoid. Hence prohibition at the very outset of human affairs is counterproductive.

    3) Very important scriptural characters like Jesus are not aware of this account of “tree of good and bad” in which a serpent exhorted first human couple to “be like God” (which is treated as a rebellion—Genesis 3:5) because Jesus himself exhorted all humans to “be like God.” (Mathew 5:48)

    This is why we find in one place God as making commandments and in other places we read God did not command so (Exodus 29:19-22; Jeremiah 7:22) which means humans were writing things as though God commanded.

    God doesn’t have to make laws because lessons are plenty in the universe. For example, flower teaches to be beautiful and fragrant in all our action. Water teaches us to be soft and yielding, and be firm and unyielding when situation calls for because it takes the form of its container (it becomes cup in a cup) which means ‘be fully involved in the now’) yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass water. When the sun comes daily illuminating and empowering all living beings, it teaches us to act in such a way that others get illuminated and empowered. When others’ action makes me happy/unhappy, it tells me how I should act towards others. There is a soft voice within me telling always what is beneficial and wasteful…. Lessons go on and on.

    That means God would be a non-interventionist! God did not tell the Germans to go for re-union when the separation was not working, but they simply did it. It means it is possible for others such as Pakistan & India, S. Korean & N Korean, and then for the whole world. But the obstacle is ego (individual and collective) which is the easiest thing in the world to destroy because ego is just a thought that dies when it is no longer nurtured. There is great beauty in allowing man to run his affairs unhindered. Let humans learn from experiences. If humans refuse to learn, let them continue to refuse till they feel saturated with their refusal.

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