Pervert`s go-ahead to watch over kids ( A JW ? ) With A Childcare Centre

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  • smiddy

    From an article in the Herald Sun newspaper Wed.Dec.7,2016 ," A convicted perverts plan to open a childcare centre have been given the green light by the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal"

    " He was found guilty of wilfully and obscenely exposing himself on five seperate occasions between 1982 and 1997."

    Apparently" he masturbated in front of two 16 year old school girls asking them if they had a good look and if they enjoyed that."

    VCAT deputy president Heather Lambrick said it was of Grave concern that DXP`s offending spanned many years from his teens to his adult life but,given the time since his last offence she considered him rehabilitated and the chances of his reoffending low

    It goes on to say ," He does however wish to engage in religious activities which require him to speak with people on a door to door basis and for which I accept he requires an Assesment Notice" MS Lambrick said.

    The Judiciary System here in Victoria Australia is under much scrutiny from the general public due to the Police doing their job in bringing offenders to justice and the law courts treating the perpetrators with kid gloves and putting them back on the streets bailing them out sometimes time and time again to reoffend.

    Whats your thoughts

  • LevelThePlayingField

    My thoughts? Ok. When in the world will these governmental agencies ever wake up the the JW's BS. So a guy learns the Bible, becomes a JW evidently and then poof, problem solved? No, no. The ARC knows this is BS so why don't they see this? I don't know.

  • honest

    Omg I think I know who he is!?!!?

  • stuckinarut2

    As the ARC said : This shows a lack of understanding of the nature of ones who offend"

    I would like everyone to be given the benefit of the doubt, and the chance to change...but to do so with caution. Not to allow him to open a CHILD CARE centre for freaks sake!

  • honest

    This shits me. The Australian government is exposing child abuse policies in organisations yet are just as guilty of not protecting our children. honestly it's a joke. if the law can't provide protection then who are they to dictate organisations on their policies. we all need to get real about protecting our children

  • Lostandfound

    Are they mad? A snake let loose among people may be apparently harmless for months but it still a snake and not to be let loose near children .

    No religion changes a paedophiles tendencies. Will elders locally, if this is now a JW. Involved, warn all parents ? Experience teaches me no.


    It's time to throw these "Pizza Gate" MF's into the nearest croc infested billabong.

    DD 🐊🍴

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