What does SOON mean to a JW

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  • Noumenon

    Was reading some early 1990 WT articles relating to the UN, and was amused at the expression 'soon' God will and do this and do that etc.

    It made me wonder just what does this expression mean to the average JW. How relative is this word 'soon' and 'shortly'. Does soon mean in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20, 30, 40...(u get the picture). At what point does it become a lie or prophetic presumptousness when a religious organisation has said something will happen SOON, or SHORTLY, but that thing doesn't happen....?

    The GB would probably dish up some baloney that all the articles they've written over the decades should be considered from Jehovah's viewpoint, ie, 1 day + 1,000 years where they've used the expression 'soon' the system will end, God will 'soon destroy babylon the great', Armageddon will 'shortly' be unleashed, etc etc, .

    Meantime they have license to keep psychologically manipulating people into remaining in the Borg out of fear cause SOON the system will end.

    Actually, would anyone be interested in researching how many articles up to, say, 1993 (well allow a 10 year gap to qualify as 'soon' to be lenient on them ) where study articles pertaining to the end of the system have said SOON, or SHORTLY, or similar words. I bet there are 100's & 100's.

  • Brummie

    Yeah too true! "Soon" covers them for a multitude of false expectations because in reality "soon" means no time in the near future!

    Take it in this context "Soon it will be the 22nd century and brothers are selling their houses to go out on the pioneer service"


  • be wise
    be wise

    I was passing the KH I used to go to the other day. I was very surprised to see a white board with the opening times on and Jehovah’s Witnesses in some nice white lettering.

    It only took them 10 years!

    I bet one of the elders even mentioned it with a grin and a proud announcement at the service meeting.

    People now conveniently know in these last days the actual time that they can visit this life saving, led by Jehovah God and Jesus Christ Church for the saving of mankind. The light just gets brighter!

    be wise.

  • neyank

    What does SOON mean to a JW?

    Soon to them means anytime between now and the end of eternity.


  • KGB

    yeah and all the idiots who fall pray to that simple four letter word. Soon to a JW is one of their scariest words they use to keep them in line.....

  • blondie

    Here's a case of wanting it to come soon is bad:

    7/15/99 p. 18

    Some who have stopped associating with the Christian congregation still believe that it practices the true religion. However, they evidently lack the patience and endurance required to wait for the new world that Jehovah God has promised. Life in Paradise has not come soon enough for them.

    A few dedicated Christians in some parts of the world appear to have reefed the sails of their ship of faith. The ship is still afloat, but instead of forging ahead in full faith, they have adopted a cruising speed. Drawn by the hope of "Paradise soon," some were prepared to spare no efforts to attain it—zealous in the preaching work and regular in attendance at all meetings, assemblies, and conventions. Now thinking that the realization of their hopes is farther off than they anticipated, they have lowered the price they are willing to pay. This is evident in reduced preaching activity, irregularity at meetings, and willingness to miss parts of assembly or convention programs. Others are devoting more time to recreation and to obtaining material comforts. These facts lead us to consider what should be the driving force in our lives in line with our dedication to Jehovah. Should our zeal in his service be dependent on the hope of "Paradise soon"?
  • freedom96

    It is just that the damn carrot is hanging just in front of everyone. It is too bad so many are misguided.

  • JeffT

    The same thing "is" means to Bill Clinton. (sorry can't help myself some nights).

  • Cassiline
    Re: What does SOON mean to a JW


  • uriah

    Soon is part of the 'Theo-Speak' (tm) language which was specifically designed to keep you on your toes. It is mainly used in WT and Awake! headlines on the front covers. 'Knowledgeable persons' (TS (tm)) who are 'honest-hearted ones' (TS (tm)) may have their own pet names for them. I call them the 'series'. Hence:

    The 'No More' series as in 'When sickness is no more', 'When death is no more'

    The 'When' series as in 'When insects cause disease',

    The 'At Hand' 'Gods Kingdom - At Hand!'

    and of course the ubiquitos 'Soon' The end of death SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooon'.

    As a small child I once asked my mother when my sister would be home. She said soon. I said 'But when is soon, what time is that', looking at the clock. She said she will be home soon now go and play. So of I goes and am still trying to puzzle out how long soon is. The only difference between then and now is that my sister did come home, unlike today when the soon goes on and on.

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