Apostasy Movie

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I found it extremely accurate, and as such, not a pleasant experience. Merely reinforced my certainty regarding the org's venomous teachings & practices.

    A very well made film for non-JW's to get a good insight into the minds & attitudes of the cult and its members, but not really one I'd urge faders to go and see. Victim returning to the scene of the crime scenario.

    Opinions will differ.

  • blownaway

    no one can say its not factual. This is how how it is.

  • jws

    I didn't think it was entirely factual according to my experiences. But my experiences are from decades ago and things also differ from country to country, region to region, and congregation to congregation. People have told me that the things I questioned in the story do in fact happen.

  • RodrigoGuerreiro

    I’ve just saw the movie and I have to congratulate all the people envolved on this production.

    My overall opinion of the movie is good, but I am biased because I was raised as JW. I think the movie makes a lot more sense to JW/ex-JW viewers because there are a lot of narratives and quirks that only an “insider” can understand. Also that parts contribute to a very slow narrative rhythm (the same story can be told with all the relevant parts in less than a hour) and it will be difficult to catch to the viewers attention (the photography of the film is average so the film main focus is the drama/dialogs).

    Comparing to the other movie (the verdener or worlds appart), I think that this movie is less “mainstreaming” and some “Non JW” people will find the film boring and not peculiarly interesting (“is a drama” isn’t an excuse).

    I highlight the following parts (NO SPOILERS)

    - the big suprise at the half of the movie (I wasn’t expected that, at least so soon in the narrative - good work on the argument)

    - how they expose the blood issue - the famous awake magazine with all the martyr kids was a must and it will add a concise proof to the general public/journalists that this issue it’s real and there are many victims

    - the judicial meeting based on the famous audio recording of that girl that cries out in tears when she is trying to be reinstated - again that will add a material proof that this is not some “apostate lies” and that kind of situations already occurred

  • RodrigoGuerreiro

    I haven’t found anything that wasn’t a perfect portrait of the JW community. All the dialogs and terms are extremely accurate and the only thing that surprise me it that the JWs say “cheers” when they drink

    I though that it’s some kind of toast and the JWs didn’t say that (in my country it’s usual to say “salut” which of course a JW will never say)

  • steve2

    I've booked tickets for my partner and me to see it in Wellngton, noon New Zealand time on Friday 3rd August.

    I listened to an interview of the director Daniel Kotojailo (spelling?) who commented on his deliberate use of clear and uncluttered camera angles that helped capture the harshness of the setting.

  • freddo

    It is a superb, accurate (in portraying north west England and its JW's), moving and even an understanding and empathetic film. Well deserving its 4 and 5 star review ratings by the British mainstream press.

    But along with its empathy it holds back no punches in revealing the understated drudgery-in-service and consequential horror of putting the views of 8 men in New York ahead of what is truly best for yourself and your family.

    I cannot think of a better actress to play the resolute and distressed mother than Siobhan Finneran.

  • vivalavida

    Rodrigo, the British use "cheers" also as a synonym to "thanks" or "thank you".

  • scotsman

    I bumped into someone I know that works in the local cinema that’s screening Apostasy: apparently it’s been really busy, selling out some nights. Granted it’s on a smaller screen but the good reviews seem to have resulted a wider audience.

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