Thank you, LifesNotOver

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    For you, dear friend:

    It seemed but yesterday though, Heaven knows,

    Time has flown since I embarked upon that

    peaceful, dusty sleep.

    Then, so startling, comes the clarion call from

    quickened legions: the hour has arrived to

    rise and be awake!

    The celebration of Earth and Moon now beckons

    all to rejoice as Sky unfolds in regal splendor,

    while Earth proceeds to kiss his Moon . . .

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    My life has been the poem I would have writ

    Henry David Thoreau, 1817 - 1862

    My life has been the poem I would have writ
    But I could not both live and utter it.

  • LifesNotOver

    CoCo - Thank you! "There are men too gentle to live among wolves" James Kavanaugh

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear LNO:

    I am very grateful to receive your reply!

    Blessings and peace.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Wolves were massing at the door

    He felt the fear mount in his core

    Their howling he could not ignore

    He couldn't take it anymore

    Then he woke up to see his black lab jumping frantically against the door with that anxious look " I gotta go"

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