How the JW family dies

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  • Chook

    Family has problems ,they approach elders ,who in turn spiel what ever is latest memo from HQ. Due to complex nature of cult affected individuals elder turn to COs for the curly problems. This is where the death of JW family takes place. Along come 28 year old CO who has NEVER had normal job, never done his own research ,never changed a nappy (diaper ), had no brothers and sister in his own family because his mum and dad weren't meant to have children.

    Family are stressed because 15 year old son has masturbation problem , he is watching porn frequently ,he refuses to stop. He is caught out by zealot sister who knows his iPad passcode .The porn is kinky ,elders refer to it as BRAZEN. They have spoken to Charlie 4 times, Charlie is apathetic . Elder think we will help this boy , they invite CO . The rest is history ,sick evil child can't be helped ,his eyes have seen evil porn in its most depraved ways , CO can't understand a couple doing it doggy style. Such an evil Charlie, we must protect the floc says CO. Charlie DF'D . This is only the beginning of the death of this family.

  • zeb

    Imagine signs going up in front yards around the world.

    "Another family wrecked by the Wachtower".

  • gma-tired2

    Sorry when elders and CO get involved the s__t rolls. My husband and I suggested such action to our child quickly realized we had made the worst mistake of our lives. The good result , us, our grown children and grandchildren are no longer considered JWs. Now we have "real" lives.

  • TheWonderofYou
    Another family wrecked by the Wachtower".

    Just this is what contradicts the biblical command for christians and particulary elders to be stewards of undeserved kindness“, relating to the topic "undeserved kindness" from some days ago.#

    Study artice "Are you a Steward of Gods undeserved kindness"?

    We have the God-given responsibility to use our abilities and qualities as a means of conveying expressions of God’s undeserved kindness to our fellow believers.

    Similarly today, the command to use one’s gift in behalf of fellow believers is wholeheartedly carried out by true Christians.

    Thousands of Witnesses share in relief work, helping fellow believers rebuild homes that have been struck by disasters. The tender affection and practical assistance rendered by such caring brothers and sisters are all manifestations of “God’s undeserved kindness expressed in various ways.

    and so far.

    In brotherly love have tender affection for one another. In showing honor to one another take the lead.

    the love and affection that we show for one another clearly identifies us as true Christians.

    What good reasons we have, therefore, to use our gift “in ministering to one another as fine stewards of God’s undeserved kindness”

    The elders intervene and are cursed to impose the rules of the watchtower to its followers.

  • sir82

    True story, or hypothetical?

    Has the "ring of truth", but just wondering.

  • pale.emperor

    When i dissociated i was nagged, nagged, nagged by family and a concerned elder to take the letter back and sit in a judicial because of my "doubts". Worst thing i ever did. Now im disfellowshipped for apostacy. I would rather my Bethel record say i dissociated (left on my own terms).

  • Chook

    Every JW family with a DF individual is in a dying state. The emotional trauma bestowed on members in and out is without worldly precedent. There have been more suicides than Jonestown. To put in print not to attend DF funeral is emotional death to some people. IF God is love then surely he has nothing to do with any of this.

  • Vidiot

    Ah, "brazen"...

    ...such a convenient and versatile cover-all for so many situations.

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