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  • vienne

    Some here know that I'm one of the authors of a history series focusing on Witness history. We hope to bring volume 2 of Separate Identity to print this year. I've posted a very rough draft of my brief preface on our history blog. Mr. Schulz, my writing partner, has written a much longer introductory essay, but other than a few paragraphs, it's not on our blog. Comments are welcome, but please keep them focused on the preface's content. No links to other sites please.

  • Giordano

    I am interested in the work you are doing....sounds like you are approaching the history of the WT Society differently. Will try to absorb your points, especially the mindset and or doctrines that still determine the foolish path the WTBTS has been following from the beginning.

    The Society has long defined itself by what their followers said about it. They feed on obedience. That is changing in many respects. The internet alone is causing a remarkable rethink as noted in the increasing numbers of born-ins who no longer identify with their birth religion. As of late they have earned disapproval by JW's who are PIMO as well as a growing disdain from the public when it comes to their ban on blood and their two witness rule misapplied to child sexual abuse.

    Knocking on doors will become increasingly difficult.

  • vienne

    I have posted Dr. Schulz's introductory essay [in rough draft] on

    This post is temporary; I'll take it down in a few days. Sections of volume 2 that appear on our blog must be temporary for legal reasons, to help protect our copyright.

    Comments are welcome. Please do not link to another site if you comment. I will delete comments that do that. We present well researched history; we do not allow polemics to infect our work.

    Gio, thanks for your nice comment.

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