JW covering child abuse in UK

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  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov


    A year ago the Government found that JWs from Manchester were involved in a child abuse, but the local congregation did everything to hide it and be in the way of the police investigation. This situation is getting worse now. More victims are coming forward. How horrible can you be to protect a predator! Oh, thats right its the elders who are covering it up well obviously they know better what to do. They get advice from bethel. Bethel gets advice from GB. GB gets advice from Jesus. And Jesus gets advice from Jehovah. Vile people.

  • sparrowdown

    Still, it must be very comforting to victims to know that if someone was to ask a JW cart person too many questions they have no probs calling the police and crying harrasment with no "scriptural investigation" required.

    So we know they know how to call police on some things with no concern for Jehovahs name they're just very selective about what they report

  • stuckinarut2


    (Yet it is of no surprise, as the bible contains many accounts where God was ok with abuses against women and children! In fact he even instigated many of the acts! So if "humans are made in his image", then its no wonder this stuff occurs...)

    Yet, how comforting it is to know that it is all coming out in the open finally!

    The great god Jehovah is having his organization brought into line by "Satan's old system"?

  • steve2

    A good reminder - even though there have been a handful of earlier posts on this Guardian article.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    In England and Wales, people were asked to report their experiences @


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