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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The Temple stood from about 520 BCE to its destruction in 70 CE. It was renovated and extended during that period. The second half of its life also witnessed expansions and innovations in the Jews’ beliefs. In addition to the entrenchment of Monotheism, this latter period saw the rise of Messianic and Apocalyptic fervor.

    Perhaps as a factor of these developments, Satan the public servant changed into Devil, the diabolic personification of evil.

    After releasing my Study, “Satan. Lucifer. Devil”, I was informed of a book that deals with the period. It provides valuable information, including on the formation of Devil. This means I will incorporate some of this material into my Study. This should not take long to complete, but in the meantime a passage from that book is available at:



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    Right... that sounds kinda... fanciful.

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