My Elder Sexually Abused and Silenced Me!

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  • Giordano

    This sounds like one of a number of often used ruse's to get a small child groomed for what will come....... re sexual abuse.

    Grooming the child comes first and it is always part of being an 'extra parent' or 'good friend' or 'esteemed' JW.

    It is both dangerous and not exceptional especially in groups of trusting believing JW members who only see one side of the child molester. The side that is in nice clothes...... conducting congregation business with one eye on your child.

    As someone mentioned in another post....... the bible does not specifically mention Child sexual abuse. Every other kind of sexual conduct is clearly explained with a lot of it going to bestiality.

    While the people of old were concerned with others in their community having sex with animals......... children were apparently lower on the scale ..... meaning barn yard animal's or herds of sheep were more important.

    Jesus did say one thing related to child protection...... this of course is long after his Father drowned everyone including every child and those unborn.

    Let's be clear Children in the various offensive churches are not as valued as adults or often women.

    Instead we have one reference spoken by Jesus.

    "Do not hinder the children coming to me!" He was a bit testy that day and enjoyed the children more then his contentious followers.

    Thank you Jesus but that's really (not) helpful.

  • Simon

    Sorry, but if you're going to make accusations against someone, you should do it to law enforcement - not anonymously on the internet.

    We have no way to verify if your claims are correct, only law enforcement have the resources to do that and to investigate and prosecute.

  • blondie

    I see their post has been deleted; probably they were afraid they would be quizzed as to the details. I hope they come back and try to read some of the supportive statements for the victim/survivor and who do not use this person's experience as a way to bring the WTS down.

    Blondie, fellow victim/survivor

  • Simon
    I see their post has been deleted; probably they were afraid they would be quizzed as to the details

    No, I deleted it. Anyone is free to publicly name someone and accuse them of anything they want, but they should do it under their own legal name and on their own website.

    If someone has been convicted and / or charged, then it's public record and a fact and can be posted.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i expect a mod removed it.

  • blondie

    Sorry, Simon, I did not see the original post, just the posts that followed. Of course, real names are not appropriate especially, if the person was not charged and found guilty. But if their name has appeared in the paper in conjunction with a charge but no conviction, would that be different regarding posting a news item with the charged person's name in it.

    I have noticed that some posters have posted pics of half-naked women, that were not related to the original topic, were all deleted as quickly. It is quite a trigger for women like me who have been raped trying to avoid those, not knowing what a minefield they are getting into. So if my fellow posters find such posts, please notify Simon as soon as possible through the private message feature with a link of the offending post (s) Thanks. A little off-topic but not that much.

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