New Edition of the NWT Bible in the works!

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  • Wonderment

    I just noticed in the site that the Watchtower Society recently published online the first book of the Study Bible (Matthew), a new edition of the NWT Bible.

    So far, I'm seeing an Overview of the book considered, and explanations of various verses of each chapter throughout. It is not a full commentary. There are no maps shown yet in the Bible. That may be forthcoming. It is therefore a work in progress.

    Also, I am disappointed that the Society sort of butchered the included Kingdom Interlinear in the Online Library. I am not speaking of the translation itself which is perhaps the same good one found in printed editions of the book. I am referring to the lack of adequate spacing between English glosses found above the Greek line. The printed editions were a model to follow, not so with the Online Edition. I wonder who was responsible for messing this up so badly. Shame on you Watchtower! Fix this up! Bring it to the excellent level of printed editions.

  • Wonderment
    The observation of the Kingdom Interlinear mess-up of the interlinear presentation (no adequate spacing in English glosses) applies to the KI found at the site, not to the Android app which looks just as good as printed editions.
  • cappytan
    Oh wow! Are they really doing a revised version of the New World Translation? Did you also know that JWs don't celebrate Christmas anymore?!
  • Wonderment

    cappytan: "Are they really doing a revised version of the New World Translation?"

    No, the WTS already did the revision in 2013. This is a Study Bible, a supplemental edition.

  • Phizzy

    " This is a Study Bible "

    They have had similar editions for many a year, variously called "Reference" and if I recall correctly, "Student" (?).

    The problem is they are produced to fool the unwary into believing that the W.T has a measure of scholarship and expertise.

    The main criticism I have of such editions is that they do not give alternative renderings unless such do not contradict or cast doubt on JW exegesis.

    They also carry over any blatant errors from the bog standard NWT, so no true revision is ever done.

    All in all, a waste of paper.

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