UK Daily Mirror: Vampire Farms

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  • darkspilver

    Front page of today's Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK (26 January 2017)

    Vampire farms exposed: British meat in cruel horse hormone scandal as pregnant mares' blood is injected into pigs

    Thousands of pregnant horses are kept on blood farms for fertility product which is then sold to UK vets and factory farmers to help increase production


  • NikL

    Hey dark,

    is the Mirror a reliable news source?

    We have the "enquirer" and several other tabloids in the states but they are so inaccurate in their reporting that it's more of a joke.

    Do Brits take reporting in the Mirror, The Star, The Sun and the like seriously?

    I've been wondering this for a while.

  • Simon

    Yeah, they are trash. I don't know if they still have Page 3 but really, any newspaper that ever publishes nude pictures of women should never be taken too seriously for news.

    Peers Morgan was editor of the Mirror and forced to resign after they published faked photos alleging that British soldiers were abusing Iraqi's (around the time of Ahu Ghraib). That's why he's in the US so much - he's hated at home.

    It doesn't mean every story is false, but they are definitely at the lower end of the market, trash for the masses.

  • darkspilver

    Hi NikL

    Those are the red top tabloids - but although they'll print and feature 'sensational' stories, often in more simplistic black and white terms - it doesn't mean that the actual facts behind those stories are inaccurate.

    In this instance, The Daily Mirror, decided to give the story maximum coverage with a 'campaigning' front page backed up by a double page spread inside - in contrast to other newspapers, who seem to have responded with their own stories on their websites:

    Remember, this is not a new story:

    BUT it is The Daily Mirror that has given it wide-spread national coverage.

    The Daily Mirror's 'saving grace' is that, in contrast to the majority of the UK national press, it is traditionally a 'working class labour/left-leaning' mass market newspaper, and is probably thought of as the most reliable of the red-tops - partly due to it's background of providing a print outlet for such investigative journalism of noted reporters such as Paul Foot and John Pilger.

    On the 'quality' newspaper side, The Guardian (and it's sunday sister title The Observer) are also liberal/left-leaning. Although things have changed now regarding newspaper buying - from experience of visiting JW friends etc, it used to be that, particularly on Sundays, that households would buy BOTH The Observer and The Sunday Mirror. - remember that, although less so nowadays - in broadbrush terms, in the UK, the daily newspaper you read depends on your politics, not on where you live.

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