Mom's History Writing

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  • vienne

    My family and I want to thank everyone who made kind comments about mom. She would feel flattered. We miss her constantly.

    You may be interested in the rough draft chapter posted on the project blog. It's entitled The Church in Maria's House.

    If I'm going to continue to read what's posted here, I should get my own posting name. But for now, I'm using mom's postit name.


  • careful

    Double thanks, Annie. I hope healing is taking place with you and your family.

  • Giordano

    Thank you for sharing. We all come from so many different countries and walks of life that it is special to learn about someone who shared with us and helped us learn. Please carry on in the same tradition if you can, or share an insight.

    Most on this forum are struggling in one form or another. Nothing in our lives is totally normal. The normal was rejected by the WTBTS for their own ends. So we appreciate the thoughtful posts that help us to think and understand.

    Viva vienne

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