Reality check!

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  • Crazyguy

    In 1929 they found the original god of the Bible in the city of Ugarit. The human genome project confirmed human evolution with human genome number 2. Ice core samples taken in Antarctica and Greenland show no global flood 4400 years ago. Human breastmilk has roughly 1 million white blood cells in each drop! Almost the entire concept of Christianity in the New Testament was stolen from Egypt. Fukushima melt down way worse then Chernobyl!!! At least three reactors melted down and plutonium most likely part of this melt down too.

    300,000 gallons of contaminated water per day going in to the Pacific and the jet stream goes across this area and moves west over the Pacific Northwest of the US and them moves towards Europe. This could very well be an extinction event at least for life in the Pacific Ocean.

    They're claiming it could be 40 years minimum before they can decommission the plant all the while 300,000 gallons of contaminated water flows in to the Pacific everyday for 40 years. Still think there's a God that gives a crap about you? Where is he now? Love your family while you can!!!

  • NikL

    Aren't you the ray of sunshine I needed first thing this morning!

    I think I need to go surf for some puppy dog and kitten vids on youtube now

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