Jehovah’s Witnesses former members tell court they were subjected to "total control" From TASS

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  • NikL

    From TASS the official Russian News Agency.

    Apologies if this has appeared on this board already...

  • DesirousOfChange

    While I am convinced that any Government getting involved in Religion is not a good thing, I would like to see pressure put on JWs and any religious organization to stop violating the rights of those who dissent. It should be obvious that alienating one's family by disfellowhipping a person is wrong and it is a negative influence on the culture of any society. Strong family relationships are important for any culture to prosper.

  • blondie

    Of course, some who dissent against the Russian leader/government, are killed.....

    Sometimes the "cure" is worse than the disease

  • Bobcat

    Is JWdotOrg still doing a play by play of the proceedings? I was wondering if they are including this testimony from these former members. As it is, they usually wipe all memory of such ones away. For example, if they have their picture in a pub or as part of an illustration, they are eventually replaced with someone else.

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