If you think JW have a poor conversion/retention rate have a read of this.

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  • joe134cd

    These are quotes from the following article. I think they are quite key. All things considered I don't think the dubs are doing to bad after all

    Between 1990 and 2001 the Church claimed they had 5.3 million members, but in the City University of New York (CUNY) report only 2.8 million Americans identified themselves as Mormons. In an interesting comparison more people identified themselves as Jehovah Witnesses than their church claimed to have on the roles

    According to Cumorah.com the Church’s activity rate is dismal at best. They reported that only “22% of U.S. members born to active LDS families remain active lifelong, whereas 44% returned after inactivity of at least a year or more”. Children born into inactive families remained inactive themselves if they even affiliated themselves with the Church..


  • ToesUp

    I can so see WT having the same issue. The next few years could put WT right up their with the Mormons. Reading these forums and seeing more and more making their exit gives us hope. You don't sell Kingdom Halls if all is well.

  • Crazyguy

    What's interesting is they say this yet I see more Mormon churches around town then Kingdom Halls . There Also bigger and more people attending. Maybe what it's really saying is there's a lot less JWs then we are told in this country.

  • slimboyfat

    This is correct, only about 30% of Mormons worldwide are "active". And what they mean by active is not very active in comparison with a JW publisher who regularly attends meetings.

    In all countries that include religion in the census a clear pattern emerges. Far fewer people identify themselves as Mormon than the church claims as members, whereas far more people identify as JW than the Yearbook claims as publishers.

    Take Mexico for example.

    Mormons claims 1.4 million members in Mexico, yet only 300,000 identify themselves as Mormon.

    JWs on the other hand claim 800,000 publishers in Mexico, yet more than 1.5 million people identify themselves as JWs.

    What's more, the number of Mormon congregations has been declining in Europe for years, whereas until now JW congregation numbers have increased or remained steady in most countries.

    In Britian for example there are 1,613 JW congregations compared with only 333 Mormon congregations, down over 10% from a peak of 374 in 1999.

    Other countries show greater Mormon decline.

    In France there are 108 Mormon congregations, down from 128.

    In Germany 166 down from 188.

    In the Netherlands 33 down from 43.

    In Italy 101 down from 133.

    Figures taken from the pro Mormon website:


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