Ex-Cardinal McCarrick Defrocked by Pope for CSA

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  • careful

    The pope is making a statement.


    Will the org follow suit, perhaps if forced to?

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    I doubt it, they're not a big deal like the RCC.

  • waton

    Wt had not that many now old single men in high positions. even then, it would not make the world news.

    The damage wt has done is in other areas, imho.

  • smiddy3

    The Roman Catholic Church is a significant religion of Christianity as the Pope the Vicar of Christ on Earth.

    With well over 1 billion members world wide. Everybody in the world is aware of who the current Pope is and he is recognized and accepted by Politicians and leaders of many if not all Countries in the world.

    And they have a strong power base for change with there vote in any given country

    Nothing of the sort can be said of any or even all collectively of the GB members of the religion of Jehovah`s Witnesses who are just a small sect with only 8 million + members with no political connections and virtually no recognition by anyone except there own members . And they do not have any influence at the polls because they do not vote.

    No Government leader or head of State would have any idea nor would they care to know who the Governing Body members are of Jehovah`s witnesses ,they are an insignificant small sect of Christianity.

    And at least pope Francis has made a statement however belated is willing to make a needed change.

    Even though it may only be a token change at present at least he is moving in the right direction.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    At least they don't have any OVERT political connections, but they dabble.

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