Results of an international survey - Love, Health, Money, Power etc, what do you most want in life?

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  • HB

    Some of you might be interested in the results of a 'YouGov' survey into people’s aims in life.


    Over 18,000 people in 17 countries were asked to think about their lives and to say which of 12 key areas they most want in life and which single one they want most overall.

    The choices (listed here in the order of preference chosen in the UK) were:

    Better Health
    My own family
    Free time
    My own home
    Career success
    Creative fulfilment
    Spiritual progress
    Moral virtue
    Physical beauty

    The countries polled were:

    Australia, Britain, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, USA, East China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE

    I'm not quite sure why they didn’t include India, Russia or any African or South American countries, but I guess the intention was to draw a contrast between east and west rather than to get a worldwide picture.

    There is a chart on the website which can be sorted by column headings to see the order people in each country rated each choice. Each choice is given a score for each country. It's not clearly explained but apparently, the score is calculated by balancing the figures for which of the 12 key areas people most want in life with which single one they want most overall.

    It has to be acknowledged that the answers people give in surveys may not always be true to the way they act in real life, but nevertheless some of the statistics are interesting.

    In six of the nine Western countries in the survey, love is given priority, whereas in the East, health, followed by money comes top, and love is only sixth on average.

    The USA stands out as different from other western countries in how much importance is placed on spiritual progress. Eight of the ten countries where spirituality has a score over five are in the East. The USA is the only western country to give it a high priority (rated 13), equivalent to Indonesia, and just above Saudi Arabia with a score of 12, UAE with 11 and Thailand with 10. In the West, the importance of spiritual progress is scored 8 in Finland and 7 in Australia, but the rest of Europe rate it very low with scores of only 5, 4 or 3.

    Do the US citizens on this forum think the stats showing that Americans rate spiritual progress equal with better health and second only to love, are reflective of what you see in your country?

    Posters here are never going to be a demographically balanced sample, but it would also be interesting to hear about the personal list of 'life aims' of members of this forum. I wonder if the stats for each country represented on the forum would pan out anywhere near equivalent to the survey?

  • Vidiot

    "...What do you most want in life?"

    All the toys I couldn't have when I was a kid.

  • sowhatnow

    wow, I cant get over that money rated so high in both charts, and I think the reason for that is because in our world without money you cant have anything, land, housing, free time, education, transportation, even food [if you dont have land and cant garden and store up for the winter]. even apparently a relationship. you cant get anywhere without it, money gets money. no money, no life. so sad that people are valued by how much they own and can make. so sad people cant live without it.

    so yea I guess sadly money is pretty desirable.

    and with all the health technology, whats on top? is better health, so apparently many of us still want better health so we can have the stamina to make more and do things.

    me for one... yes give me more energy

    money came before family, hmm i dont know how to interpret that other than without money, you cant afford a family...

    and Where do Friends rate??? i dont see that on there. Id be thrilled to have friends.

    moral virtue, wow out with the trash, eh? I sure can see that bad apple seed growing.

    For me personally, love would be great right now, we all need it to survive. health second for sure, family is a no brainer, and if I were 20 yrs younger Id say friends first, then career success, and that leads to better money, and probably everything else would fall into place ,like having a life.

    right now Im not able to choose a path, [I dont have someone to be my partner in life, and help guide me along,] so its dictated to me by the basic necessity of life.

    I work , that's about it, lol

  • HB

    Sowhatnow, thanks for your thoughts. I would also love to live in a world where money was unimportant, but as you said, sadly it's necessary for so many other things we want. And I agree that dependable friends should have been on the list. I really hope you find love soon!

    Vidiot your answer made me smile. When my children were small, I used to tell them a bedtime story about a magic dreamland that the fairies would take them to if they kept their eyes closed. In this place it was always sunny and warm and they would find all the toys they wanted there for them to play with. (At that point i would pause to allow them to say what they would like to play with that night).

    Ditto all their favourite food and drink. (No Brussel's sprouts, just chocolate, icecream, cake and sweets). You could only stay there till just before morning when the fairies made a rainbow and you slid down it back into your bed.

    Not being a JW, I had never heard of Paradise, but my version was much more fun than the Watchtower's and at least my children knew it was just pretend!

  • 2+2=5
    Happiness would be nice.

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