My JW Sister Called Me Last Night

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  • pale.emperor

    My sister called me quite out of the blue last night. She's a full on active JW and actively shunning me like the rest of the family are. I dont quite know the reason why she felt last night was the right time to call but im glad she did. Although it was basically her trying to re-convert me back.

    Conversation went on for over an hour until her phone battery died at 12:05am. I wont give the entire conversation but the salient points were:

    HER: You know it's the truth. You're just angry at the organization. Remember, men are imperfect. It's not God's fault.

    ME: <holding in my laugh> No, i know it's not the truth.

    HER: No, you used to believe it. You cant just stop believing it. You've been reading apostate stuff.

    ME: When i was a JW, i used to study a lot yes. But only the society books and magazines. When i was DF i spent months just reading the bible. Nothing else. I'd come home from work and read until i went to bed. Then on weekends just read. I highlighted scriptures to look up. And topics to look up. Not only from but from real theological textbooks and history. You're religion is so not the truth. In fact, of all the religions claiming to be christian it's the most far removed from Christianity i've ever seen.

    HER: You need to come back to the meetings. We miss you.

    ME: If you miss me you know where i am.

    HER: So you're not coming back?

    ME: No. I will never. Never go back to that religion. (I avoided the world cult because a few months ago the last time i used it she got really angry and slammed the phone down).

    HER: Ok so you dont believe in the religion. But you believe in Jehovah and Jesus.

    ME: No.

    HER: No?!!!

    ME: I dont believe Jehovah exists no. I believe Jesus existed and was a charismatic man but he certainly didn't do all the things that's written about him.

    HER: But the bible...

    ME: But The Lord Of The Rings... shall i believe in Frodo and Gandalf? It must be true, it's in The Lord Of The Rings.

    HER: Now you're just being silly.

    ME: You have a man who can raise the dead, cure lepers and walk on water. And outside of the gospels no other writer of the time period wrote anything about it. Archimedes, Plato, Marcus Aurelius didnt do half the things Jesus apparently did. And there's an abundance of things written about them all through history.

    The conversation went on for a good while. Standard JW nonsensical reasoning that, im ashamed to say, i used to use myself. Of course everything she said had a perfectly reasonable answer. Her phone died before we wrapped things up.

    I wonder if she counted her time?

  • carla

    You know she counted her time, sigh.... but on a bright note at least she was thinking of you, I guess that's something.

    "of all the religions claiming to be christian it's the most far removed from Christianity i've ever seen."-- I liked that part!

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, it is mind numbingly and astoundingly frustrating to try and reason with people who have a closed mind...or a "brainwashed mind"

    And yes, it's outstanding to believe that we once were the same....arrogantly convinced that we alone "had the TRUTH"

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Gandalf for the win!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The old saying, "you know it's the truth". Why would any sane person leave or not believe the truth???? Come back to the meetings so you can understand our truth.


    HER: You know it's the truth.

    Has anyone ever known a JW to believe you,when you say "NO" ??


    It`s Like..


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  • blondie

    For awhile after you leave some family and friends will call and try to engage you in a conversation to help you come back. Eventually, almost all give up especially if you say anything that causes cognitive dissonance. But that she tried shows she cares more than most.

  • Bugbear

    Sorry to tell you that your sister suffers from a mental decease called: PTFE brain, or Fact resistant brain. (PTFE similar to Teflon) . Her brain is so stuffed with wrong information, that she is unable to coop with any other facts then those coming from WBTS. There are a variety of this disorder called : cognitive dissonance. Meaning that she knows there is another world outside the cult, but are unable to understand what she must do. This due to other social relations. But obviously she is seeking your attention, and that is good unless she is only counting the hours….!? The good news is that this “disorder” can be cured; however it takes a long time and a lot of patience from you…

  • redvip2000

    But the bible...

    lol...but the bible. What about it?

    Why don't you use this? Nothing is more satisfying than using the bible to prove the bible is wrong. Do some research on clear contradictions in the bible. Make a list and memorize.

    Then next time it comes up, say that the bible can't be trusted because it's full of contradictions. After the usual "not it doesn't have any contradictions", pick up a bible and let them read as you pick the versus to compare. After this, sit back and bask in the glory of their glazed and confused look.

  • tepidpoultry

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