WTBorg Cult Inc. Doctrines of Fear

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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The Cult makes extensive use of the morbid fear inducing threat of Armageddon and Eternal Destruction of all who are not witnesses and even those who may be deficient in their "field service" obligations. To really intensify the fear Jws are forbidden to seek "other opinions" from any source outside the WTBorg Cult Inc. "approved" publications and/or Elder Counsel. Witnesses are taught that Christendom is wicked; that it is Babylon the Great; that any who consort with Christendom are guilty of "sin" and apostasy.

    While I don't agree with all that Tim McHyde publishes, I do find that his thoughts concerning the Second Coming and all that it entails to be quite sensible in contrast to WTBorg Cult Inc. teachings. There are Biblical reasons to be assured that Armageddon will not occur until all aspects of prophecy are fulfilled. If witnesses were able to freely research such important doctrine they could find reassuring answers.


    But then those alternative possibilities would expose the lies of WTBorg Cult Inc. doctrine. An eventuality which the GB G.O.D. cannot countenance. Fear is their tool/weapon of choice to keep the deceived believers in line. They have found a way to make the fear work for them.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    A nice but old example of scaring people, comes from the back of an Awake, Oct. 1986.

    Read About the Government Soon to Rule All the Earth (Let your kingdom come)

    The next rulership for all the earth will be a world government. The book "Let Your kingdom Come" tells about the sudden change that will occur as this government overthrows all earth's present rulerships. If you are to continue to live, you will have to submit to this incoming world government. Read about the ones who will shortly be take over earth's rulership.

    Get your copy now. This hardbound, 192-page book is only $1.

    Buy or Die!

  • venus

    Religious leaders are taken up by extreme statements such as Luke 12:40; 1Th 5:2; 2Pe 3:10 which say end is imminent. Yet they are not aware that there are many Bible verses that says end is far off.

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