A judge in Mexico authorizes blood transfusion to a JW raramuri girl...

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  • ironsnake656

    I everyone, this is my new and first post. I have like 4 years reading all the stuff in this forum and I like it!!!! Thank you for all your information that helped me to get out from the JWland. I'm from Mexico and I hope that in a next topic I will talk about my JW life. To start with, let me post an article that appeared today in the Excelsior newspaper in CDMX, where it talks about the authorization and avail from a judge for blood transfusion to a raramuri (ethical or indigenous group located in Chihuahua state) girl. The judge honored/privileged the right of life above religious/beliefs rights... what do you think???


  • Chook

    The judge is a hero , the girl will hopefully one day realise that this man saved her life, instead JWs will refer to her as the girl raped by the medical establishment. Also welcome ironsnake and may your apostasy zeal be blessed.

  • dothemath

    Hola and welcome! Looking forward to hearing how things are there. For years now the story is always about the amazing growth in Mexico.

    That judge is to be commended. I think when this issue comes up, a lot of parents are secretly relieved to have the decision made by someone else.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    My ancestors are Tarahumaras. So she may be a distant cousin. It's great that judges are not putting up with this non-sensical right to kill under the protection of freedom of religion.

    Are you from Chihuahua? That happens to be "mi tierra natal" Born in Cuauhtémoc, raised in Anahuac, high school and university in Chihuahua.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Welcome to the forum ironsnake656 and thanks for sharing.

    Having been through an experience with the blood issue myself on 2 occasions, one of which involved my own child, I am so glad that common sense prevailed in this little girls case.

    Many many lives have been unnesessarily lost because of this policy by the Watchtower. No other Christian denomination has such a policy. Even orthodox Jews allow for blood transfusions. That in itself speaks volumes

  • smiddy

    Welcome ironsnake656 thanks for the link,its a pity that all judges no matter where they are in the world didn`t over-ride the JW policy on No Blood especially with children and the youth.

    Even orthodox Jews allow for blood transfusions. That in itself speaks volumes

    So true Unshackle The Chains

  • ironsnake656

    Nice to meet you Shook, and I hope to receive a lot of blessings!!!

    Dothemath - Nice to meet you. Yeah, you are right, there is a lot of stories telling the growth of JW in Mexico, I think that is something related with the culture, because not only JW's are growing, but other churches like Mormons, Evangelicals, and others. I will discuss this topic in the future.

    Never a jw - Yeah, I'm from Chih. I live in Juarez actually. I went to the Juarez Autonomous University. Nice to meet you, and I'm happy to post in this forum!!!

    unshacklethechains & smiddy - Nice to meet you too!! Hope this change soon, that judges or legislators put an eye in issues related with individual rights vs religious rights.

  • Tallon

    Hello Ironsnake656, and welcome to the forum.

    Congratulations on your first post - great discussion.

    As others have mentioned, the Judge did good and has literally saved that girl's life.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    First, the wisdom of Russia to ban the Cult and now the Hero Judge in Mexico who makes a loving decision!

    Things are looking up! Could this be an indication that a World-Wide Waking Up is beginning?

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