Dr Phil "... tells me to shun wife and children? They can kiss my ass"

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  • ElderEtta

    I just happened to catch dr. Phil today and I realize it's a replay from months perhaps years ago I don't know but that title is exactly what he said with reference to Watchtower governing body

    " if I go somewhere and my wife and family aren't welcome, then I'm not welcome. somebody tells me that I am to shun my wife and children? they can kiss my ass" complete quote

    Okay so he did not use the words governing body but is of course implied since they are the ones doing the telling

  • recluse

    i just watched it also. it sickens me to think i wasted so much of my life in that cult. i liked the way dr phil breaks it down but unfortunately i dont think the husband was comprehending. she seemed like a drama queen and would say anything to get her way

  • ElderEtta

    You are right she was not my poster child for an apostate

  • LV101

    I recall hearing about that particular program in 2018 so it can't be that old. Too bad we don't have current info whether the husband followed Dr. Phil's advice.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    After that show, if I were a JW, I'd hate to be manning one of those literature carts. Shame, shame, Watchtower.

    Thanks, Dr. Phil.

  • LV101

    I agree - Dr. Phil was spot on! Wonder if any JWs watched the show and agreed.

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