Author of attack with knife against Brazil's presidential candidate related to JWs

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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    Well, I don't know if anybody here is aware of the political mess that is happening in Brazil. It just happened that a far right candidate and (surprisingly) leader at the polls, Jair Bolsonaro*, was stabbed during a political act. He is in hospital and will.not be able to campaign until an eventual second round. What is very interesting is that the author of the attack, who confessed, weirdly has now four lawyers to defend him at the court. Some of them stated that the money to pay them came from the church the man attended, others say it was some person related to the church. One of the lawyers said the Church was the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Brazil's branch obviously has already sent a statement cutting any link with the stabber. But I imagine how much bad publicity it will bring.

    *he is a far right politician and Brazilian supporters like to compare him with Trump but he doesnt have any idea of economics. Haters like to compare him with Hitler but he isn't half of the speaker Hitler was. His support comes mainly from the evangelicals who started a mantra that "a true Christian could only vote for him. All.the other candidates are left wing diabolical communists."

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