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  • wildfire

    THATS RIGHT ,,,,, MY REAL FRIENDS,,, I AM COMING TO TEXAS IN JULY,,, TO VISIT MY KIDS ,,,,,,, FOR 3 WEEKS....... ( HEY I AM NOT REALLY SHOUTING ,, JUST EXCITED HAHAHAHH) so anyway i can hardly wait ,,, i got to get out of this crazzzzyyyyy state,,,,,, ND member,,, i havent been here for awhile, just partying toooo much here hahahahah ... so let me know guys ,,,,ok,,,,,,,,, I think jesika or xena live near austin,,, thats where i am going to be... member the beastie boys ,,,,, anthem you got to fight for your right to PARTTTTTTTTTYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LyinEyes

    Hey Wildfire,,,,,,,,, I would love to hook up with ya , I will be in Dallas alot more since my hubby is working there,we are from Louisiana, but Dallas is only 3 hours away. We will be making some trips to Six Flags and getting together with some of the pagan apostates over in Dallas. Jesika lives in Dallas too , but we can all get together on a date and hook up. Hope to see ya soon....hugs Dede

  • wildfire
    hey Dede i would love to meet you,,, i think i know you already from your posts ,,, i probably relate to alot of your pain ,,,, we will definately have to hook up some time,, I have been doing alot or partying here .... but they are all just shallow friends really,,,,,I love to dance and I have lost alot of weight and am feeling so much better ....... well i think you do when the yoke of slavery is lifted from you........ All my children are not witnesses except my 17 yr old babe and it does break my heart to know she is still trapped but i Pray she will find a way out like i did after 28 yrs........ I will email you sometime ,, do you know if there is an apostatefest in dallas in july,,, would love to go........ all my best wishes and love.. just me wildfire
  • Jesika

    Hey girl!!!

    I would love to see you when you are in TX. I live in the Dallas area, but I will email you my ph# and you can call me.

    Searcher will be staying with me from July 1-8th while he is in the USA. So, I am sure we will be doing some partying.

    I can't wait to see you!!!



  • wildfire

    hey jesika,,,, thanks for the email.... somebody cares about little ole me ,,,, i cant wait to get there i am leaving ndak on june 26 and i will be there for a month.. i really hope we can hook up .. and have some good fun in the texas tradition....... hey could you get me xenas email or number as i would like to look her up while i am in austin... or are there any other texans out there ..... i would love to meet you all ....... have fun and thanks again ........just me wildfire

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Hiya WF:

    I live in Austin, so does Xena! Would love to hook up with you and party! Can't wait to meet ya. You can send me a PM for more information! Hugs

    Country girl

  • wildfire

    hey there country girl ,, i am so excited i just talked to xena and we are going to meet up on thursday... i just found out about the dallas apostofest and i really want to go are you going this weekend ,,,,,, i am staying with my daughter,, if you reply to this i will send you a message as to where i am and then maybe we can get together too...... would love to meet you ..... as well as many other of my bro an sista apostates hahahah so anyway .... let me know if you plan on going i may need a ride or iam going to take the bus to dallas from austin on sat....... ta ta and hope to talk real soon

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