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  • Beans

    Ok here is the game, if you have the Watchtower CD or some old or recent mags find some increadiable bizzarre quotes that just make you laugh or hurl.

    Possible topics:

    Sex, love, friends, fellowship, service, assemblys, christian love, youths!

    Here is mine!

    *** g92 6/8 18 Why Do I Have to Be Different? *** One Christian girl wanted to follow the then popular fad of wearing ripped-up jeans to school. Naturally, nobody wants to look out of style. Your parents are wise, however, to draw the line at your wearing styles that are sloppy, suggestive, outlandish, or offensive. Were you to dress in such ways, what impression would you give others?

    *** g92 6/8 18 Why Do I Have to Be Different? *** A young girl named Jeffie found out when she had her hair cut in a faddish style. “I just thought it looked ‘different,’” she recalls. “But people started asking me, ‘Are you really one of Jehovah’s Witnesses?’ and that was embarrassing.”

    *** g92 6/8 18 Why Do I Have to Be Different? *** What about your taste in music? Music fills the waking hours of many youths. When kept in balance, music can be enjoyable and upbuilding. Exodus 32:17-22, however, shows that music can also stir up base emotions and passions. And much of today’s music is simply unfit for a Christian’s ears. Rap and heavy-metal music, for example, are popular, but much—if not most—of it revolves around immoral sex, rebellion, violence, or even spiritism. Do you go along with the teenage crowd in your choice of music, or do you have the courage to be selective?

    *** g92 2/22 10 Those Turbulent Teens *** Teach Them That Chastity Has Value

    Discuss with your teenager the fine Bible example of the beautiful young Shulammite maiden. She could proudly say: “I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers.”

    *** g72 10/22 23 Assemblies That Acclaim "Divine Rulership" *** Not so, however, with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. First, they literally scrubbed the auditorium, and that they had scrubbed themselves was evident in their dress and appearance. None of the male members bedecked themselves in long hair, whiskers or patched and threadbare jeans. Amongst the ladies there was no evidence of ‘mini’ skirts, shorts or other distasteful or lustful appearance. The children were all neatly dressed, combed and well behaved. . . . Their conduct was unreproachable.”

    *** g73 4/22 27 Criminals and Drug Users Reformed *** “After they attended their first meeting his wife asked me if I had called up all the Witnesses and told them to be especially nice to those ‘freaks’ that I was bringing to the Kingdom Hall. Her husband was dressed in blue jeans with holes in them, a dirty T-shirt; he had an Indian band around his head, beads around his neck and he was barefoot. I told her, ‘Of course not; that is the way Jehovah’s witnesses treat all people, no matter what they look like.’ She was fed up with false religion, and immediately recognized that Jehovah’s witnesses were God’s people and that they had the truth.”

    *** g76 8/8 26 Dressing in a Modest and Attractive Way *** Many do not take such a stringent view but do advocate a swinging back to the center of the line in styles, since many young women now seeking jobs appear for interviews in blue jeans, halters and other casual wear, to the dismay of many hiring executives.

    *** g83 2/22 22 Do My Clothes Reveal the Real Me? *** The recent designer-jean fad illustrates how easily people are manipulated. Jeans suddenly became high fashion. A baffling array of blue jeans sporting the names of designers such as Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt came on the scene. People were, and still are, willing to pay extravagant prices for pants that, in effect, turned them into walking billboards.

    *** g89 10/8 11 What's the Secret of Choosing the Right Clothes? *** Millie, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, attended a school where violence was prevalent. Dressing as if headed for a Christian meeting would have made her overly conspicuous. So she wore a modest pair of jeans during school hours, as that was accepted at her school. But since she engaged in Bible educational work after classes, she took along a dress. Change of role, change of attire.

    *** g93 2/8 17 What's Wrong With My Music? *** Rap may very well represent a rebellion against injustices. But taken as a whole, rap is also a culture of rebellion against godly standards of behavior, dress, and speech. Would a Christian, by his taste in music, want to risk being drawn into such a questionable life-style?

    *** g94 1/22 28 Watching the World *** Counterfeit Ferraris

    Bank notes, checks, tapes, and designer handbags and jeans are normal in the repertoire of skilled counterfeiters. But recently Italian police have even discovered a trade in imitations of an automobile, the classic Ferrari. Using original spare parts, drawings, and plans, mechanics who once worked for the famous automobile manufacturer were specializing in “perfect” reproductions of models produced in the ’50’s and ’60’s and selling them to collectors as genuine. Considering the prices on the international classic-car market, it was “a multi-million dollar con trick,” reports La Repubblica.

    *** w93 4/15 21 Guard Against Unwholesome Music! *** Rap lyrics—often a brash mixture of profanity and street slang—seem to be another reason for the popularity of rap. Unlike traditional rock lyrics, many of which dwell on the subject of teenage romance, rap lyrics often have a more serious message. Some rap speaks out against injustice, racism, and police brutality. At times, though, the rhyming refrains are stated in the most foul, shocking language imaginable. Rap also seems to constitute a rebellion against standards of dress, grooming, and sexual morality. Not surprisingly, rap has become a life-style in its own right. Its adherents are identified by their flamboyant gestures, street slang, and garb—baggy jeans, unlaced high-top sneakers, gold chains, baseball caps, and dark glasses.

    *** w73 9/15 565 Breaking Free of Self-Abuse-Why? How? *** WHAT ARE THE HABIT’S EFFECTS?

    In the nineteenth century, and until relatively recently, it was thought that masturbation would ruin one’s physical health, causing such things as pasty complexion, exhaustion, insomnia, tuberculosis, sterility, feeblemindedness, deformity of the genitals and other physical harm. However, today it is well established that masturbation does not cause these things. Only in extreme cases where males masturbate excessively are they infertile or have semen of poor quality. One authority sums up the medical opinion, saying: “There is no scientific evidence that masturbation is biologically harmful.”

    *** w73 2/1 87 Changing from Boyhood to Manhood *** SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT

    Perhaps the change that most often is a source of disturbance for boys growing toward manhood is that involving the organs of procreation, the genitals. During puberty these not only attain their full size but also begin to function. The Bible, at Leviticus 15:16, 17, refers to ‘emissions of semen.’ If his parents have thoughtlessly failed to discuss the matter with him beforehand, a youth’s first seminal emission may be an upsetting experience. What causes such emission?

    *** yp 95 11 Do My Clothes Reveal the Real Me? *** Immodest attire, though, can damage your relationships with others. Psychology Today referred to a survey taken among adolescents that showed that “a lowcut top, shorts, tight jeans, or no bra” would likely be interpreted by males as a sexual come-on. One young man confessed: “I personally find it rather hard to think only pure thoughts about younger women when I see the way they dress.”

  • lovinglife

    Discuss with your teenager the fine Bible example of the beautiful young Shulammite maiden. She could proudly say: “I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers.”

    Oh that is hilarious! I'm getting back memories of my teenage years having the weekly study of the "Your Youth" book with my mom and another sister in the congregation. Ugh! Course, my breasts are now "leaning towers" since having two children. LOL

  • teenyuck

    Beans, you took all the good ones!! LOL!

    Discuss with your teenager the fine Bible example of the beautiful young Shulammite maiden. She could proudly say: “I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers.”

    What are they implying? Could her breasts see?

  • Beans

    It is so obvious that they are in favour of breast implants and have taken the stand that silicone was used in biblical times well before modern technology and are promoting it!

    Even though they said this!

    Is the Spirit of the World Poisoning You?

    . . . Spiritually speaking, we can also be poisoned by invisible contamination. And like those unfortunate people in Kazakstan, the majority are unaware of this life-threatening hazard. The Bible identifies this pollution as "the spirit of the world," which is orchestrated by none other than Satan the Devil. (1 Corinthians 2:12) God's Adversary maliciously uses this spirit-or prevailing attitude-of the world to undermine our godly devotion.

    How can the spirit of the world sap our spiritual strength? By stimulating the desire of the eyes and by playing on our innate selfishness. (Ephesians 2:1-3; 1 John 2:16) By way of example, we will consider three different areas where worldly thinking could gradually poison our spirituality. . . .

    Spiritual Beauty Pleases Jehovah

    We live in a world that is increasingly obsessed with physical appearance. People spend huge sums on treatments designed to improve their looks and reduce the effects of aging. These include hair transplants and coloring, breast implants, and cosmetic surgery. Millions attend weight-reducing centers, gymnasiums, and aerobic classes, or they buy exercise videos and diet books. The world would have us believe that the passport to happiness is our physical appearance, that our "image" is everything. . . .

    Sarah was a faithful woman of old who had this balanced viewpoint. Although the Bible speaks of her physical beauty when she was over 60 years of age, it draws attention principally to her fine qualities-the secret person of the heart. (Genesis 12:11; 1 Peter 3:4-6) She showed a gentle and mild spirit, and she submissively obeyed her husband. Sarah was not unduly concerned about how others viewed her. Though she came from a wealthy background, she willingly lived in tents for more than 60 years. She meekly and unselfishly supported her husband; she was a woman of faith. That was what made her a truly beautiful woman.-Proverbs 31:30; Hebrews 11:11. . . .

    We become more beautiful in Jehovah's eyes as we participate in our life-saving ministry. (Isaiah 52:7; 2 Corinthians 3:18-4:2) Furthermore, as we learn to manifest Christian qualities, our beauty deepens. . . .


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