Silentlambs And Memorial Day!!!

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    ok I am repostgin here what I started on this thread

    As some how I started that thread in in the topic for bible research and I don't think enough people are seeing it here's all the stuff that's posted there!

    Utopian_RaindropsSilentlambs and Memorial Day

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    Today I placed a Lamb with a flier attached to it in front of a KH.

    There is a young sister who attends there who was repeatedly abused by her step father with WT permission over and over again. This beautiful girl has even tried to commit suicide before.

    I hope the Lamb and flier give a message to the elders that abuse will no longer be tolerated and I hope someone other then an elder saw this lamb 1 st .

    Leaving Lambs at KHs is going to be going on all week…..I hope some more people leave these out too.

    Here is the New Letter From Silent Lambs

    Well we terrorized the south, we put out ten lambs on ten 
    different Kingdom Halls that take in around eighteen 
    congregations.The respective cities were, Draffenville, 
    Mayfield, Murry, Fulton, Paducah, in Kentucky.Cario, 
    Illinois. Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Scott City, Sikeston, 
    in Missouri. If you would like to see pictures paste the url below in your adress bar,
    It was a beautiful day for a drive and most of the KH's 
    were deserted.The last one had a book study going so we 
    just placed the lamb and bulletin on the front door mat,
    we hope it did not scare them too much. The round trip was 
    around 250 miles but it was good to get the word out and 
    no one can say silentlambs does not "walk the walk."
    We took pictures and will have them posted soon, we are 
    still getting more pictures in.So far I have reports 
    from three different countries and we expect more to 
    follow. If you missed today and want to participate get 
    your lambs out as soon as you can this week and we will 
    put it up or you can post it in the guestbook.We are 
    estimating around 400 Kingdom Halls so far.
    Thanks to all that supported this campaign and we look for 
    to getting in all the results. I wonder can we count our time for this?

    Here is the link to get the fliers you can print out. In English or Spanish. I chose to leave both.

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    onacruseRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    UR, I applaud you.

    Whoever saw that lamb and letter, you know as well as I that there was, at the very least, an elder's "mini-meeting" afterwards. And, of course, within 20 minutes after that meeting, the phones were buzzing, as the gossip about it made the rounds.

    One lamb, one letter, 100 wake-up calls. Not bad. Not bad at all.



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    Utopian_RaindropsRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    Thanx Crag I am so hoping for the reaction you described!

    I posted this though in the hopes others would do the same and put a lamb in front of at least 1 KH.

    I am doing more KHs throughout this week. I bought lambs that are in a prayer position that have tags describing how they talk. We are removing the voice boxes removing their ability to speak.

    I don’t know if that will register to whoever finds them but I hope so.

    I have known too many effected by their policy including family so it must stop.

    Children must be safe and mothers must be aloud to leave abusive spouses with no stigma attached as well as congregational support.

    Anyway….please people….just one Lamb at one KH.

    Thanx for listening,


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    pr_caponeRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    I am glad there are people like you around. As soon as I can I will do the same thing in my hometown here in Kansas. Do you happen to have a copy of the flyer you left with the lamb???

    Kansas District Overbeer

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    Utopian_RaindropsRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    {{{{{hugz}}}} PR!!! Howz our Sarge?

    Go here and get these fliers!!!

    I’m so glad your going to do this!!! It’s about time those old men at Bethel got a reality check!


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    pr_caponeRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    ((((((( UT)))))))))))))) I'm doin good hun... sound like you havent been doing too bad yourself!

    Thanks for the link sweety... I will print some out and head on out to a shop to see fi I can find some plush lambs.

    How much are toy lambs running for these days???

    Kansas District Overbeer

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    Utopian_RaindropsRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    Ok…. I paid anywhere from 3.50 to 5.99 for plush lambs and I am checking out second hand stores for more.

    Second hand stores have them a lot cheaper but my girls “Vash_The_Stampede_13” and “Cassandra Cain” really thought these praying ones would make a point.

    There are 6 KHs in my own state I am doing and 2 I know of in a neighboring state.

    I am hoping others do it and that maybe some KHs will have a pile of lambs in front of their doors!!

    It says this post has been read 42 times so I am hoping some readers will be doing what you are Eric!! You’re such a sweet heart!! {{{{hugz}}}}

    Buena’s Noches, (I am off to bed)


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    pr_caponeRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    Thanks hun.... gonna go lamb shopping when I get paid.

    Kansas District Overbeer

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    PriscaRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    Lambs in a praying position with their voiceboxes removed. How very symbolic!

    UR, I hope that word of these lambs appearing at the KHs will get some people thinking. Good for you!

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    dedalusRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    pr_caponeRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    22 y 7 m 28 d


    Kansas District Overbeer

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    sfRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    Yea, yea, that's what I 'm talkin' 'bout when I speak of Action! in the communities where we all live.

    Imagine 'if' one person in each town made it their 'job', their 'mission' to do this, as has, and much more to Alert! (Awake!) their own town and/ or county of what really does go on inside the churches of this religion; a religion that has possible predators/ perps at your door.

    Good 'job'!

    Say, what about sharing those pictures by printing them out and displaying them and also handing them out with flyers attached? Just another idea.


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    sfRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    {{{{{{ Bravo UR!!!! }}}}}}


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    Lady LeeRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    I delivered about 20 fliers to one hall here in Winnipeg. There might be an alleged pedophile in that hall (with 2 cong). The flyers were put in or on people's cars, especially if children got out of the car.

    I have about 30 more to do

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    YizumanRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    w00t! Hot dang! Great job!


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    Utopian_RaindropsRe: Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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    Sorry it took so long to reply to everyone…we have been packing to move as well as the business of living.

    Here is a picture of what some of the lambs we’re putting in front of KH’s Look like with the flier attached. (We have the flier in a plastic sheath)

    Not all the lambs we’re placing are the praying ones….the store only had so many but, I plan to do this on and off all year so maybe I will find more.

    My daughter Cassandra Cain posted this with a small explanation at an art site. Maybe others on line will see it there……who knows.

    WOW Lady Lee!! I never thought of fliers on every car in the parking lot!! Good Job Gurl!! After our moving is done maybe that will be our next project!!

    Thankz so much everyone for responding and no matter what country your in go for it and leave a lamb in front of your local KH! Let the WT know they can’t get away with supporting abuse for children any more!!

    {{{{{{Hugz}}}}}} too SKALLY, Prisca The Beautiful, Lady Lee, PR, dedalus, Yizuman and all the lurkers who feel as we do!!

    Gotta Luvz You Guyz!!


    P.S. Bill will have pics off all the KH’s with Lambs in front of them at his site.

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I put them on the cars or in them because if 1 person finds the flier it is too easy to make it disappear and no one knows.

    But if everyone gets it especially the ones inside the cars hopefully more people will read it and at the very least exercise caution. And of course the more people who read it the more chance we have of people protecting their children

  • oldcrowwoman

    Glad to hear others putting out fliers too.

    Here in Minnesota I mailed out 62 fliers in Minneapolis, St. Paul and others throughout the state.

    I have many fliers leftover putting them in public place's that allow me to leave.

    A way of planting seeds. Some won't do a thing, some may sprout,and some will grow. Anyway SL's is being echo'ed throughout Minnesota.

    Very empowering experience.


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