The WTS will tell you what Jehovah left out! (Worship book, chapter 5)

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  • ozziepost

    Are there things that God doesn’t know? Do we constantly have to be proving ourselves to God?

    That seems to be the thinking in chapter 5 of the recently released book “Worship the Only True God”. This publication is the second of the “must read” books for baptism candidates. What are they learning about “true Christianity” TM ? Let’s look into chapter 5 “Freedom Enjoyed by Worshipers of Jehovah”.

    “What does our choice of associates tell Jehovah as to the kind of people we are? (Psalm 26:1,4,5; 97:10)” (page 49)

    It’s strange to think that mere mortals could tell God anything, but in applying pressure on the new recruit, that is exactly what the WTS is saying. Curious indeed because the Bible speaks of a God who knows the inmost dealings of our heart”. Not only that but he “searches the heart” (Jeremiah 17:16).

    Perhaps those comments have more to do with controlling the R&F than they do with "feeding the domestics"?

    But notice how the WTS assign themselves the position of gatekeeper the paradise.

    "Jehovah does not make us figure out by trial and error what is the best way to live. He knows how we are made..........He is aware of thoughts and conduct that can spoil a person's relationship with Him and with fellow humans, perhaps even barring that person from the new world. Lovingly, Jehovah informs us of all these things by means of the Bible and his visible organisation." (page 45 para. 9) [Emphasis added]

    So "Jehovah's organisation" tells the rules. Could it be that they also set the rules?

    New recruits to "the organisation"need to be fully aware of all that this entails for them personally.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • manon

    Not just a search in the heart but judgement of desires and thoughts. David had flash!!!!

  • ozziepost

    Yes indeed. It's amazing when you "stand back" from this and read it without a Borg filter, just how presumptious it is for a group of people to say that they can restrict entry to the kingdom.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    All cults are, ultimately, obsessed with individual THOUGHT. Why? because its the one thing they cant totally spy on. If there was a way to access peoples inner thoughts....they would. make no mistake about that.

  • Faraon
    He is aware of thoughts and conduct that can spoil a person's relationship with Him and with fellow humans

    Are “apostates” the ones spoiling a relationship with fellow humans, like the humans telling the JWs not to mix with people who don’t believe like them, and therefore ruining a person's relationship with fellow humans?

  • OICU8it2

    I can see it now. It's so clearly taking control of waht you will read and learn right from the start. Why I could't see this before for so long is scary. Thanks for the post.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Ozziepost,

    thanks for the post. Just brilliant...and so logic!

    Greetings, Mrs. Ozzie too.


  • rocketman

    The Bible alone is never enough. They always include the "oarganization".

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