If women can be of the annoited, why can't they lead the congregation ???

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    doesn't this contradict itself .............

    If a women can be of the "annoited" class, but a man who is 20 fresh out of puberty, still has more say at the kingdom hall then she does. (closing prayer, giving talks, etc. etc etc.)

    So, when she goes to heaven after death, what will she be doing, serving coffee and doing the disciples laundry ??????????

  • Pleasuredome

    she'll be giving out the food at the proper time, preferably 5.00pm with a beer.

  • herk

    I think this is an excellent question. The members of the so-called "anointed class" are supposed to be the ones commissioned to serve spiritual "food at the proper time." But in the WT scheme of things, it's the other way around. Young men with little experience in life or as a JW are assigned to give "instruction" talks, and they're authorized to preside at congregation book studies and other meetings. They preside at meetings for field service where "anointed" sisters are instructed what to say as they speak the JW message to others.

    This is just another piece of evidence that JWs don't really do any serious thinking about their religion. They simply do what they're told, no questions asked, despite the unreasonableness and unscripturalness that constantly confront them in the organization.

  • minimus

    They have to die first, silly. The ONLY time an anointed sister is considered good is when she's dead. That's the only time she's considered "faithful".

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I used to wonder about this too and actually asked an elder about it - not that he would know but I asked.

    The explanation I got was that not all the anointed are teachers. Only the ones who were identified as with special gifts would be invited to either go to Bethel or be asked to contribute an article to a magazine. And women were rarely given this "gift" by God. They had other gifts although that was not specified. Mind you they did say many female anointed did have gifts in teaching others and therefore pioneered if they could.

    Yeah I know it makes no sense but I knew when to stop asking questions

  • herk

    Lady Lee,

    Another interesting factor is that the MAJORITY of "the anointed remnant" have been women. I'm going on the basis of tallies that were made of Memorial partakers in years past. So, if the "faithful and discreet slave class," composed predominantly of women, was to supply "food at the proper time," it just doesn't make sense that such women have had no share in teaching the so-called "great crowd of other sheep."

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    So does that mean when they get to heaven they still have to wear a head covering (one sister used to wear a diaper on her head to conduct field service) in order to show submission?

  • minimus

    Big Tex, That sister must have been trying to look like a big baby.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Actually I think the diapers and teatowels and kleenexs are a sister's way of showing how little we respect the rule. Otherwise they would carry a scarf with them everywhere just in case.

    We know it is a stupid rule if all you have to do is slap a piece of rag on your head. We did it to not be disciplined not because we wanted to show submission

    Just a subtle way to rebel

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