Is there a book (magazine) by the JW's, How to have sex do's and don't

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    How pathetic must their sex life be for the strict JW husband and wife ???????

    What do they do ??????????

    Did the society ever publish a book / magazine on what you can and CAN'T do ???????

    I read the mormon one on masturbation at "the only collection of Jehovah's Witness jokes on line" f--k, I laughed for a week. Does the JW's have such lists ?????

    This thread should be interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gitasatsangha

    The green "Family Life" book had some detailed instructions on coitus, but the positioning was wierd. IIRC it involved both partners lying on their sides facing each other (at least I am pretty sure it involved facing each other, though it would work more easilly the other way). Holy Awkward Sex Positions, Batman! Too much difficulty with too little payoff. I almost wish I still had that book to find that quotation.

    Of course NWT Proverbs has that "with her own breasts be intoxicated" bit, which opens up the whole JW approved sex activities.

  • SixofNine

    YDRC, git.

  • happyout

    They can't have such a book, they would keep having to revise it. "It's up to your conscience" becomes "it's morally reprehensible" ( I swear they are the only group that uses those terms), and the like. Plus, it would be a really short article right now "missionary position only, no hands touching the genitals". Talk about an anti-porn book!


  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Interesting, I was talking this over yesterday with a guy who has been kicked out and is trying to return to the BORG (yep, I know, why!). Well, we came to the conclusion that any angle is ok, as long as both parties are comfortable. The WatchTower have no rights whatsoever to insist "this that ot the other" about sexual conduct. You will find that most members of the congregation will not want to tackle such issues anyway.

    Same goes for oral sex, as long as there are no health issues, then why create a fuss about it. As long as both consenting adults are clean, then a little stimulation with the tongue works wonders

    The only area I have never felt comfortable with, is anal sex. Way too dirty and dangerous as far as I am concerned. But, if that rings your bell, then I wouldn't judge you. It just ain't for me !

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