Annoying Family Members

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  • sandy

    I get so tired of my family telling me to 'Come back to the meetings" or "Do you want to go to the meeting on Sunday?"

    I should not complain I know. I do not have the guts to just say to them: "I am never going back."

    It annoys me when my mom tells me such things because she goes to 1 to 2 meetings a month and is considered inactive. She was DF'd when I was very young then reinstated when I was 11 years old. She has been out on field service maybe 5 times in the past 15 years.

    Then I have my self-righteous sister trying to encourage me. The Gossip-Queen inviting me to meetings? Please.... Give me a freakin’ break!!

    Why the F*%* do they bother? They are "weak" themselves and they are going to tell me Armageddon is just around the corner!!!

    They must think that just being at the KH, even if only once or twice a month, God will have mercy on their pathetic souls.

    How easily they weed out all the info about doing all you can in your service to Jah..........

    Field Service, Ministry School, Not buying Lotto Tickets, Gambling in Vegas, Watching Rated R Movies, Studying the bible with your own children instead of passing off the responsibility to others in the KH, Worldly Associations, Spreading lies about your own sibling, I could go on and on...............

  • xjw_b12

    Sandy. JWs are on the the hallucinogenic drug called Extasy Apathy.

    Just say No to Drugs.

    xjw_b12 " Millions Now Living Will Never Die Know "

  • unique1

    My parents do the same thing, and then give me a guilt trip when I say no because they want to spend time with me. Apparently they are not capable of spending time with me in any other arena than field service. I don't know what anyone will ever say to those convinced of the truth to leave you alone. I just keep telling myself they mean well and have my interest at heart, no matter how screwed up it is.

  • Redneck
    Apparently they are not capable of spending time with me in any other arena than field service.

    Well you know ow it goes if ya have time to go out ya have time to go out in service...Like Sundays ya need to go out in service after the meeting...never mind ya work 5 days outta the week and half day sat..the other half in Service and got up early sunday for the meeting...and ya just wanna drink a cold beer and watch the came...or just go out to the lake...

    Ya sound like ya have my folks Sandy

  • johnathanseagull

    Geeeez, dont talk to me about family members, overall it's sad to watch them continually being duped and coming out with the new light expression.......their inability to think for themselves is the Watchtowers way, I truley believe that some of my family are so socially intwined in the "trooooof" that, that's what prevents them from leaving


    ps Brummie/Pleasuredome if you read this, hows it going dudes?, dusseldorf is treating me well, works german is improving, plenty of beer and girls here!!!, drop me a line as and when and of course if you as passing

  • Rainmakerone

    my old man is a long standing elder, and my brother and i would piss ourselves laughing when he would drive us to the meetings and shout and swear at other drivers then get up and give the public talk..........

  • SPAZnik

    A few thoughts from where I sit:

    Something I find humorous, is when I disagree with someone, family or otherwise, and they start talking to me LOUDER. As if raising their voice will get their message across better. Totally irrational. I imagine I know how foreigners feel when people raise their voice to speak to them in an unknown language, without first pausing and stepping outside of themselves just long enough to figuring out the needs of their audience.

    Interesting how differently we each react to the family conflicts stirred up by religious differences. Or perhaps it's different phases we each go through. For some, when the witnesses ask us to come back it's...."oh, those self-righteous imbicils" and when they don't it's "oh, those unfeeling shunners". For others its simply, "well, thanks for your concern" or "thankfully, they don't bother me about it".

    I'm beginning to wonder, based on my own experiences and observations of others, if the problem is more about communication and respect (or lack thereof) within the family unit, than much ado about religion.

    Without getting into a which came first, the chicken or the egg discussion, of course, the jw religion has played a major role in many a jw family breakdown. In some families though, it seems like if the communication breakdown weren't about religion, it'd be about something. Sometimes, it seems to me anyway, the more you really care about a person, and they you, the more challenging it can be to communicate with each other on a point of conflict. Or perhaps to agree to disagree. I've seen some "divided households" with major respect and love for each other, and others without. The only significant difference I can see is in communication skills/styles.

    Personally, I feel for ya. I'm of the, uh, "grateful dead klass". The more my dysfunctional family leaves me be, the happier I iz. I love them. But I guess I'd rather be shunned to death than nagged to death. That's the stage I'm at right now anyway. Plus I'm a bit of a chicken shit when it comes to disagreements (with a few of my family members inparticular...they've trained me pretty well not to *dare* disagree with them....and I've let them get away with treating me like that.) I'm slowly learning (trial and error) how & when to communicate (or not communicate) about my personal opinions on things, regardless of the topic, with those annoying loved ones (jw's or otherwise) that do not respect others enough to allow them to disagree.

    I wish you the best in communicating with your own fam damily, as annoying as they get, through your personal situation. Perhaps a couple of good books on Conflict Resolution/Negotiations might assist you in sticking up fo' yo' self. One is called "Getting To Yes - Negotiating Conflict Without Giving In". Another one is called "Getting Past No".


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