The Big Departure

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  • freedom96

    I have been amused over the last year on looking on this site, at the people who seem to have to make a big production over leaving the board. To the point of being rather childish about it.

    I think people get offended too easily at times, and then run off in a huff and virtually stand up and tell everyone why they are leaving, acting like they are just so superior than others. Attitudes such as I don't need this board anymore, I don't need these people anymore, acting as they are so much better than everyone else here. So much better that they don't have time for the "little people" anymore.

    It reminds me a child in elementory school who gets mad because other kdis are playing the way they want to play. So they pick up their ball and say they are leaving. My ball, my game, screw you guys.

    There have been thousands looking at this site, or posting. I encourage everyone to use the shopping store method when reading and posting.

    When you go to a grocery store, do you buy everything there? No. Of course not. I happen to enjoy a good steak, but, somtimes it sits right next to liver. Do I get mad and angry because there is liver next to my steak? No! I simply choose not to buy it. I go to the store because it carries items that I do want. I only purchase a fraction of what is offered. I simply pick and choose.

    When looking at postings, do I agree with the statements made in all of them? No, of course not. Do I get all mad and want to leave because someone hurt my feelings or made a statement I don't agree with? No. I can choose to debate, or comment, or go to the next posting that I may want to read or care about.

    I simply choose what I want to read or comment on. And that is one of the wonderful things about this site.

    But to act superior, head above the rest, and spout off that you have better things to do, as if we don't, is just childish. No better than the haughty people we talked about at the halls. Thought their shit didn't stink, and they would snub others.

    There have been a few posters that had other things going on in their life, and left with dignity.

    I'm sorry, but the whining is iritating. We all enjoy people on the board, some more than others, and that is what it is all about. If you don't want to be here anymore, leave. Just don't bitch about it on the way out.

  • bikerchic

    ........whew! freedom96 I'm so glad you weren't making a big departure you are such a voice of reason here! I totally agree with what you said;

    I simply choose what I want to read or comment on. And that is one of the wonderful things about this site

    That's how I feel. I read a lot of the post here, though not usually the flame wars and when a thread gets too ugly with bickering I hit the back button and shake my head wondering what all the fuss is about. I mean why? Why do some revert into a do or die, my way or the hi-way mentality? I had too much of that while being a JW.

    I have learned since leaving to live life simple, but yet again live and let live. If others feel the need to argue here or as you put it; "act superior, head above the rest," and they want to take their toys, stomp off to another sand box, well it's their loss. Go but go quietly. Sometimes it's better to be more of a listener and less of a spouter. I rather imagine it's the phases of healing and the anger has to come out somewhere, sometime this just isn't the place or the people to take it out on IMHO.

    There is so much to learn here if you just listen. I am more of a listener than a talker. Guess I'm sorta a lurker eh?

    Katie (of the power to the back button class)

  • bikerchic

    I hate double post!

  • Mecurious?

    Good point! I've seen alot of grown people act like children; whinning and pouting, it’s all so unnecessary. There are a few posters (I wont name them), Who like to post controversial topics knowing full well that opinions will vary and then get upset and threaten to leave when someone disagrees with them. I agree freedom let them leave. It's reminds me too much of JW'ism.


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