Any JWs local to Cromer/Sheringham UK? You might know this man.

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  • dmouse

    Well I'm back after a few days by the sea-side, Sheringham UK. I camped at a little site called Beeston Regis. I had a very interesting experience there.

    On the same camp-site, in a tent next to ours, was a devout Christian family whom we made friends with (well, not my wife as she's a JW and of course doesn't mingle with worldly riff-raff). Anyway, he was telling me about how he was converted to Christianity, having been a Wicca for a long time. Let me tell you that this man looked really scary, big, and like he'd seen a lot of violence. My suspicions were confirmed when he started to tell me about his life. Then my ears pricked up when he said that he converted to Christianity due to a Jehovah's Witness.

    At the time he was a Wicca, his wife was a Christian and was praying for him to 'see the light' - at that time they decided to buy some land and build a house on it. They contacted a local builder and signed over £70,000 to him. It turned out that this local builder was a JW. Anyway, the JW builder spent all their money on other projects and they never saw a thing for their money. To cut a long story short the Local JW builder swindled them out of their life savings. They approached the elders of the congregation but they refused to help. So Wicca man decided to kill him! He set off one night, the plan being to kick his car, so that when he came out to check his car alarm he would slit his throat. On the way Wicca man let rip all his fury at the heavens, yelling at whatever God was up there and blaming Him for all his troubles. Suddenly 'bam!' something hits Wicca man on the head - he gets up but sees nothing; except he has completely changed, he now has absolutely no hate left in him, not even for the JW, and realises he's been touched by God - a sort of Saul/Paul conversion.

    Anyway, if anyone from the congregation local to Sheringham knows the JW builder, tell him he had one lucky escape!

  • ignored_one

    Of course the JWs will say it was Jehoohah protecting the builder.

    That's right, Jehoohah prefers deceitful people because they make better JWs. After all they've been fooling themselves for years.

    Ignored One.

  • Stephanus

    Why is it always the "outsiders", the "worldly ones", who practice the love and forgiveness in "TowerLand"??

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