WT in Denmark lost case

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  • Nordic

    Today i have heard that WT and the acussed man of childabuse have lost a case against TV2 in Denmark

    It was about the Tv program Dags Dato th 24 November 2002.

    The case began short after the program

    the transcript is on Silentlambs site.

    The case was set before the Danish press board.

    And the case was refused by the board.


  • SYN


  • avishai

    It just continues to amaze me. The balls on wts headquarters, to actually cont. to go against those that are exposing the truth about their coverups

  • RunningMan

    What amazes me is their stupidity. If you sue the media, you better win, because the media can get their revenge pretty effectively.

    They have just shot themselves in the foot yet again, with regard to publicity.

  • badboy

    The Watchtower policy seems 2 B

    stand by your child molester

  • Claudia Kittel
    Claudia Kittel

    Actually, I'm not at all amzed that the wt continues to stand behind those types. They don't have the truth and they are not God's People, and the sooner this message gets out to the organization, the better. When they stand by a person like that, knowing all the person's faults, and yet not admitting to knowing them, that makes them liars besides.

    So the phrase, "stand by your Child Molester": can be stated in more eloquent language, which would make this column worse than porn, but I think you get the message.

    See you later,


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