BIG,Dead Place

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  • fulltimestudent

    BIG, Dead Place is a name a sharp-witted Aussie gave to the Antarctic base at McMurdo Sound, managed by uncomprehending American bureaucrats located in faraway Nebraska.

    You can read the origins of the name on the Australian ABC's web-site today:

    But as I read that story, I thought what a wonderfully descriptive name for Nathan Knorr's vision of the 'New World Society' - the name of's predeccessor, and the name by which I knew the organisation of the Christian Witlesses of YHWH when I first got conned into thinking that I had found not only the truth, but the solution to the starving billions of this world and all the other shit that worries humankind.

    But I will spare your the re-run of my wasted life in later versions of BIG, Dead Place.

    I just wanted to ask whether anyone else thinks that's a good name for YHWH's chosen few?

  • waton

    mixing metaphors here. but did not Wt doctrine originally incorporate the pyramids, the big places for the dead mentioned in the bible, and is the whole thing not a kind of pyramid scheme, taking in life and capital from members, promising a payout, when the whole thing has collapsed?

    And is the place not mentally dead, void of refreshing discussion?

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