a reorganization in the leadership???HMMMMM....

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    I am sure this has been covered before, but it happens to be a subject that really sticks in my craw for some reason. Is craw a counterfit word?

    Behold below is a list of "leaders" I copied from gerards (sorry if I misspelled it) thread about "who is the new pres of the WT"

    The ones I picked out , correct me if I am wrong, are not old enough to be part of the "faithful and descreet slave class". Not according to past statements from some of the old farts. According to the Watch Tower clock, they would have to be born around the turn of the century in order to "qualify"(Jesus didn't qualify to be "Lord and Saviour")

    So while everyone is waiting for the remaining slave class to die, thus marking the end of this system of things, what are they going to be told when and if the time comes when nobody is partaking of the emblems?

    Like that would ever happen

    Samuel F. Herd (1935-)
    M. Stephen Lett (1949-)
    Gerrit Lösch (1941-)
    David H. Splane (1944-)

    Henschel was president of the Watchtower until October 7, 2000, when there was a reorganization in the leadership and Don Adams (not a Governing Body member) became the new President of the Watchtower.

    a reorganization in the leadership
    Interesting choice of words.
    What ever happened to the "Faithful and discreet slave" anyway?
    How do these younger whippersnappers justify punishing the
    "Faithful and discreet slave" when they disagree with them?

    Will history repeat itself?

    Which one of the "Faithful and discreet slave class" will the Watch Tower


    OK so that is way out in left field so shoot me.

    But it still bugs me that these executive types are "reorganizing" in order to make room for a different type of "leadership" and nobody seems to even take notice!

    What the F*** is up with that?

  • plmkrzy

    Oh for crying out loud what am I doing wrong?

    I put this in beliefs and doctrins and it isn't anywhere to be found. I am out here in the cold all by myself and nobody cares

  • plmkrzy

    uh...golly gee how bout whats yur favoriate salad dressing

  • jgnat

    Awwww. I care. But that's OK. When things get hot, the rabidly angry skim right past my posts. Like nice people are invisible or something.

    Let's see. The last big reorganization in 1999 happened with barely a ripple. I figure that has emboldened the new leadership, that they can do practically anything. As long as they can make it sound pretty, the R & F will swallow it whole. And if they get caught, deny, deny, deny. And the R & F will swallow it whole.

    They do, don't they?

  • OICU8it2

    Funny how it all changed when Freddy left. Even persons of other races were allowed on the GB (about time).

  • plmkrzy

    nice people UNITE!

    Even persons of other races were allowed on the GB

    Another thing I noticed was how they made an issue, well maybe not an issue, but they did make a point of bringing it to attention. Like some kind of political office that he was running for or appointed to in the early 1900's. What a break through! wow.

  • unique1

    See the light has brightened, that is why the younger ones are annointed. Jesus's presence or parosia in 1914 was only the beginning of those who see these things occur, so anybody who sees the world deteriorating since 1914 can be annointed now. Technically, at 26, I could be, because I have witnessed Jesus's presence, the new light means, I didn't have to be around in 1914 just see the effects of it. Hope that answers your question.

  • plmkrzy

    So by the year 2014 the light should be blinding.

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