Loving their head-down-we-gotta-shun-you interactions

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  • oppostate

    I gotta say I'm loving their head-down-we-gotta-shun-you interactions.

    Yesterday at the hospital I was headed out when in comes an ex-elder with his sadly ill mother in law in a wheelchair. Since he was wheeling her in, I held the door for him, and shined a big smile both to his MIL and to him. She looked at me with very open eyes, (she's never been a JW), and seemed to appreciate the friendly favor. He on the other hand bent his neck to the side and his head way down.

    I fixed my gaze on him and gave him a friendly "Hey, how are ya?"

    He raised his eyes just so, but his head stayed down, and he muttered a run together 'Hayadoin" as brief and barely audible as he could.

    It must suck big-time to have to acknowledge a DF'ed apostate's presence in front of someone else who would be shocked at his shunning of someone who just did you a favor and greeted you warmly.

    Wasn't there something about "putting coals on someone's hear"?

    I looked up at the bright sunshiny sky and exclaimed "Whatta nice day!" loudly enough for them to hear me well as the door self closed slowly behind us.

    What a nice day indeed. I'm loving it whenever I get to be all hyper-friendly and they quail and shade away.

  • Vidiot

    Didn't someone recently tell a story about being a known "apostate", and the only one willing or able to stop and help with a flat tire on a car full of JWs?

  • ToesUp

    "He on the other hand bent his neck to the side and his head way down"

    It really is pathetic.

    Just a hint: Keep your hat on so they can't see your horns. lol

    It really shows the kind of people they are.

    We find, like you, they are really perplexed if you give em a smile, are pleasant and VERY happy.

    Remember, they are stuck in a cult, you aren't! Sucks to be them! Rock on!!!

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