Oh Dear.

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  • SYN

    Have you ever thought that comets might not be dirty snowballs?

    !!! ONE LAST NOTE !!! RIGHT NOW is the time for the government disinformation crew to make its big last ploy to pound home their incorrect May 15, 2003 date for a Planet X passage and try to mix anyone and everyone in it and make this subject GO AWAY ... do not be fooled ... this is a program to "cry wolf" and make a "Y2K" scenario so that when the real issues of extra-solar system objects coming into the inner solar system arise the 95% of the public will be quelled into sleep regarding the real dangers involved ... the key issue ... COMETS ARE NOT DIRTY SNOWBALLS ... THE BIG ONES ARE DANGEROUS AND ACTION AT AT DISTANCE CAN VERY MUCH AFFECT EARTH

    Well, I'll leave it for you guys to browse through. ENJOY!!!


    This post dedicated to Refiner's, who loves this sort of thing...

  • Prisca


    I tried to get into your profile in order to send you a private PM, but I can't, so I'll post it here. Refiners is on holidays for a few days, he will be back again next week sometime. I didn't want you to think he had ignored your post or anything. In fact, I think he'll be pleased that you've shown interest in something he is interested in, and has parallels to people's gullibilities with JW beliefs.

  • SYN

    Thanks Prisca. I knew about that...maybe I'll just email him this...

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